《GACKT Voiced-ringtone, last day to vote!!!》

「What would you love to have GACKT saying to you?」

The special event which started on the GACKT Official Facebook Page,
『A Voiced-ringtone message you would love GACKT saying to you!!!』Project!

In this fabulous event, the message with the most votes in this election,
Will be sent out with GACKT’s voice…

Voting is finally coming to an end, closing today!

Have the rankings budged from their positions since the
midway announcement the other day!?!?

Nobody will know until the very end!!
Your one single vote may even be THE deciding vote!?!?!?

Voting is open until 11:59pm!!
If you haven’t yet voted, you can still slip in your vote on time☆
Make sure to make your vote

☆Voiced-message voting here☆