On 29th July in Tokyo, there was a public dress rehearsal of the stage play [Moon Saga – Yoshitsune Hidan] (starting on 8th August at Meiji Theatre). Musician GACKT unveiled for the first time, the heroine “Hiyori”.

Auditions had been held from March and out of the more than 100 applicants, talent Kuroda Arisa (26) and model Hatsune (21) were selected.

After the long selection process, Kuroda said “Finally it’s decided. It’s been so long!” in a voice that trembled with joy. She smiled in relief “I’ve been having nightmares every 5 days or so. I’m happy i won’t have nightmares anymore from today onwards.”

On the other hand, Hatsune, who is challenging a stage play for the first time, said calmly that “This is not a role that can be played through spoken words. Instead you have to make everyone feel and understand what kind of person [Hiyori] is.”

GACKT, who is also the producer, explained with a grin that the intention behind the double cast is “to try to remove the person who is unable to perform the role because I am cruel this way”.

Kuroda, who was nearby and overheard, asked uneasily “if this is not the final decision?” and was informed bluntly that GACKT “wants a committed competition between the 2 all the way to the end”.

source: Yahoo headlines
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team