GACKT (41) has held a press conference in Tokyo in July 29th for MOON SAGA – Yoshitune hiden – Chapter 2 where the two main female character have been presented to the public.

For the main female role 陽和Hiyori two actresses have been nominated: the TV personality Arisa Kuroda(26) and the model Hatsune (21).

Kuroda said “We started rehearsals at the beginning of July but in that moment I still didn’t know if I was sure to act in the play so now I feel really chosen. It was a very long journey” she continued in tears “you know, I also had nightmares, where they would tell me; Arisa Kuroda, you won’t be part of Hiyori anymore. I used to do this nightmare every 5 days. but I’m really happy I don’t have to do it anymore now that I’m finally chosen.

As for the choice of nominating two actresses, GACKt said “Well, it would have been easier to just pick one actress…. but instead I told myself: lets make them study both then if one of them should go bad we will eliminate her. I’m cruel, very cold. but for the moment they are going both really good. I wish they’d be more in competition till the end. I want them to always work with the maximum tension, that’s why I shouldn’t say my final choice”.

Starting August 8 at Meijiza.

Source: News24
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team