Wholly produced by GACKT, [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune-] was a stage play which mobilised 50,000 people and was performed in the 4 major cities nationwide with standing ovations. The sequel to that play [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2] begins on 8th August at Meijiza.

On 29 July, before performances begin, a public dress rehearsal was held to give the public a feel of how the play would progress and to introduce the two actresses, Kuroda Arisa and Hatsune, who will be playing the heroine of the play, Hiyori.

[Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2] is an entertainment production that has all it’s elements wholly produced by GACKT alone. Set after the Heian Era, blood spilled and sorrow breaks out for the sake of creating an era of peace… the struggles and betrayals of love in a historical fantasy created by GACKT are depicted by making full use of the latest projection mapping technology. 29luglio-Moonsaga-photocall34


Along with the public dress rehearsal, GACKT said this about the current situation.

“In terms of the drama in the play, I have quite a good feeling about it. In terms of the action scenes… I wonder… maybe we’ll continue training late into the night…? (laughs) It’s going to get tougher from here on. Although we’ve gone through the trouble of doing this press conference, up till the actual performances, I do wonder how many people will get injured and disappear (laughs), I’m a little worried. Although I do think that I have to do what ever it takes to prevent myself from disappearing. (laughs) ”

Even for GACKT, who is a perfectionist who does not allow compromises, he expresses that he feels that there is a great challenge in getting the stage play to a satisfactory level of completion.

“As I was writing the novel, I got the feeling that it should line up with the script I’ve written, and I started to feel like I was at my wits’ end. I’ve even found myself wondering which version I should be doing, but because a stage play is a platform where thoughts and feelings get expressed easier, and it’s also good to read the book before watching the play, I figured that it would be fine to watch the play first and then read the book after too. For this production, the characters here get their personalities projected as they are, so don’t you think it’s quite an interesting play? Many of the cast members have had experiences doing stage plays but they’ve mentioned that personalities rarely get expressed. Because this play is one that is based heavily on those personalities, I think it would be great if everyone could enjoy it.”

For this play, projection mapping technology will be used to its’ fullest but it seems that there is quite an amount of technique behind using it well. However, in GACKT’s point of view, projection mapping is indispensable.

“The idea to use projection mapping in the play was already decide awhile ago but it was more complicated than we imagined to get it to flow well for a stage play. If I just wanted to show the world what or how projection mapping can be used, that would be simple but, it now has to go with how the person moves and what the person does. In terms of the person, we can train them up to move with something but for projection mapping, the timing when or how it reflects what the person does could be said to be one of it’s flaws. A constant question in my head was ‘how can we make projection mapping and a person work well together?’. What I consider projection mapping is in the theme of the stage play becoming a picture book which actually pops out. Therefore, since I want even the background to pop up like a picture book, it has to flow with the actors who move within that and act out scenes within that. It’s because of those elements that makes projection mapping important here.”

The stage itself is not a standard flat platform, all over, there are slopes that are created all over and as actors tumble, intense action unfolds. The fact that a three dimensional stage has been created makes it’s pairing with projection mapping more effective than ever. Besides the emphasis on the timings of the visuals, tumbling on the slopes also make sure that the actors have lower chances of getting injured, such is the care that GACKT puts into his productions.

The sequel [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune Chapter 2] begins on 8 August 2014 (fri) with Meijiza hosting the first performance. The original novel [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune-] goes on sale from 1 August 2014.

~ In the world of [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune-], [Mononoke], which possess superhuman abilities and were revered as gods since ancient times, are feared. And the people who have had relations with Mononoke can use their blood to inherit their powers and become [Shanofu]. Stemming from “those who aren’t human”, those named Shanofu began increasing in numbers and eventually started to control humans using the ‘powers’ that they have obtained. Before the Shanofu came around, humans were merely beings who existed to be dominated… 29luglio-Moonsaga-photocall33 29luglio-Moonsaga-photocall32

In the world of [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2], Mononoke, Shanofu and humans are divided. That is to say, in the world that has been created here, the historical rulers that we know of are made up of Shanofu.
At the same time, another key word in this story is “power”. Using the powers that the Shanofu possess, they rule the world. The hero of this story, Yoshitsune, is also a Shanofu and possess powers but in the past, during a battle with Benkei at the Gojo Bridge, Benkei sealed Yoshitsune’s power of “Hyakki” deep inside him because they feared its overwhelming power. The others around Yoshitsune think that his power had not awakened yet. However, Yoshitsune is secretly worried that he would lose himself if he let the overwhelming power out and end up hurting the people close to him. That fear became a reality in the previous play, [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune-] when he killed Kiso Yoshinaka in battle.

GACKT’s life work, [Moon Saga] as a full scale stage play
Beginning with GACKT’s hit song [Another World], [Moon Saga] has taken 15 years of planning and writing to create worlds and different ages when vampires may have been created. The project came to life in a variety of ways be it lives, music, book, movies and has become synonymous with GACKT. Stretching through 1500 years in time, almost everywhere, persons related to [Moon Saga] and stories of such were scattered. and by combining these scattered pieces, the main theme of this project was created.The song [Moon], the book [Moon Child ~Requiem~], the movie [Moon Child] and more, if there is a word that is associated with Vampires, [Moon Saga] will have become one of those. The end of this story has been announced for the Last Visualive tour in 2015 but the upcoming stage play will be key to the end that is approaching.

Script fully rewritten by GACKT
The play’s script is an original written by GACKT. As a sequel to the previous work, it will bring the story from the previous play to new heights.

Largest ever projection mapping stage to be used in Japan
Without need to say, for dance and theatre, in this production that significantly incorporates projection mapping into the play, GACKT’s bewitching world of a historical fantasy gets brought to life. The Visualive Theatre is an exciting and magnificent fusion of entertainment and live theatre that is meant for all to enjoy. Furthermore, new props and costumes which are based off traditional clothing bring in a new charm which is exclusive to the world of GACKT,

Announcement of historical fantasy novel written by GACKT
Sales of the novel which the play is based off will begin on 1 August 2014. Written by GACKT, a new story of Yoshitsune’s is created through his unique world view. Filled with unreleased candid shots, get engulfed in the world of GACKT
Sequel [Moon Saga -Secret of Yoshitsune- Chapter 2]
First performance at Meijiza on 8 August 2014 (fri)

source: Barks
Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team