《GACKT’s 41st BIRTHDAY & 15th ANNIVERSARY Official Goods Released!》

It’s time to start counting down for
『GACKT’s 41st BIRTHDAY & 15th ANNIVERSARY』 on the 4th of July♪

So…. We thought we’d share to all the Facebook viewers out there
The goodies that will be available at the show and online^^

All these goodies, so fit for the 41st BIRTHDAY & 15th ANNIVERSARY☆
GACKT like this~ and GACKT like that~ (*´艸`*)

Not only at the party,
But also online, we will be holding limited reservation sales,
So you’ll be able to get these goodies, even if you can’t join the fun live!!

Details of sale times, and online reservations
will be announced later on, keep on the look out for them☆

☆Details here☆

※The following URL will be switched to one where purchases are available once the Online Store officially opens.
Make sure to bookmark it.