It has been confirmed that GACKT will be appearing in the
NHK BS Premium drama [Time Spiral] as Tatsumi Shuuya.
The drama will begin broadcasting from 2 September.

It is a Sci-FI Mystery story of a swirling spiral of space and time,
connecting past and future, and surrounding a fate suffered by a sad man and the heroine.

GACKT will play the lonely time traveller to whom the heroine is at the mercy of.

Please look forward to it!

Premium Evening Drama 『Time Spiral』

【Broadcast times】
Starting on 2 September 2014 (Tues) 《*8 weeks in a row》
BS Premium Every Tuesday 11.15p.m. ~ 11.44p.m.

【Original work】
Mizumori Eren「The Solvable Spiral」

Fujii Kiyomi

Ike Yorihiro

Kuroki Meisa GACKT Hiraoka Yuuta Taketomi Seika Akimoto Naomi Kishimoto Kayoko Others

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team