★From the Secretary★ Acting in a New Drama!?

The GACKT recently
has been waking up at 5AM.

That’s for…
the filming of a new drama!

From August,
he’s going to be busy
with the stage play 「MOON SAGA -Secret of Yoshitsune 2-」
so he want’s to start with the filming first.

The name of the program is
BS Premium Drama
『Time Spiral』

In the cast,
the main actress is Kuroki Meisa-san who plays the role of Natsuki.

And GACKT is
the lonely time traveller Shuuya
who travels to and fro between past and future.

What on earth is a time traveller!?
For more details, visit GACKT’s official homepage, GACKT.com.

And now, from the filming location
footage of the filming has just arrived.

The top 3 pictures are
GACKT waiting for his appearance time~.
It’s a good looking guy who’s just waiting!

And the bottom 3 are…?
It’s the assistant director Satou-san who’s made a mistake
and making GACKT continuously wait…
GACKT’s getting pissed.

Assistant director Satou-san
earnestly apologises to GACKT. (laughs)

GACKT calmly takes a photo of his apologetic figure.

He said
「I should probably upload this on LINE…」

With that said,
I’ve uploaded it to LINE. (laughs)

To find out the inside scoop about what happened on location,
please read
(Blog X Mail Magazine) 『OH!! MY!! GACKT!!』
as written by GACKT,
which will be published on a later date!
You will get the latest information
and hear GACKT’s thoughts!

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