Kuroki Meisa’s first drama in 3 years! A science fiction web novel with GACKT

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Kuroki Meisa will be acting in a Premium Evening Drama 「Time Spiral」(NHK BS) for the first time in 3 years.

Kuroki’s career in acting in dramas began with Jiu: Keishicho Tokushuhan Sosakei which was broadcasted in 2011. Kuroki plays the heroine, Aiwaza Natsuki who was kidnapped at a young age and been traumatized since. Supported by her childhood friend Yuuki Kentaro (Hiraoka Yuuta), she grows up to become a physics researcher at a university. One day, a new professor, Tatsumi Shuuya (GACKT) joins the university and she falls to the mercy of the time traveller who goes to and fro between the past and future.

The original work was a web novel called “The Solvable Spiral” which was written by Mizumori Eren. It was posted on a sharing site and gained popularity. In this work exists a bittersweet “”relationship of fate” between Natsuki and Tatsumi. It is scheduled to begin broadcasting on 2 September.

In relation to this project, Kuroki gave the comments, “ I wonder if fate is something you can change. Or if its an impossibility to change something like that. In the first place, what is fate?When I was acting in this role, there were many instances of deja vu for me and I wondered if it’s by any chance me seeing myself in a different life.”.

Drama「Time Spiral」begins on 2 September
Broadcast on every Tuesday on NHK BS Premium 11.15p.m.~11.44p.m.(8 weeks in a row)


Source: cinematoday.jp