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The internet is scary.
No matter if you talk about good things or simply about rumours only
it somehow gets rewritten into truth.

it gets transmitted overseas as it is rewritten
and turns into big news there.

It’s purely a case of putting the cart before the horse.

The news from overseas are
simply not understandable to the point of being a joke.

In addition, the more fans there are,
there will be more people who eat up such news,
that’s another troubling point.


This is a
news article from China’s leading news agency.

Unthinkable things have been written.

Putting aside Japan’s tabloid news articles,
even China’s leading news agency
is writing stuff like this as fact.

What on earth has this world’s media become?


Let’s see…
Let’s have a read.
“Japan’s ASKA from Chage&Aska has been
arrested for drug abuse.
Police are concentrating on visual-kei artist GACKT and
female singer Imai Miki as their next targets…”

This… I’m sick of it.

Just give me a break already.


Writing such shitty things
without any real facts or proofs,
do you call that freedom of speech,
freedom of expression,
or even freedom of journalism?

That’s too stupid.
It’s so stupid that it hurts.

even until now
the shitty media has been my sworn enemy so
even if such articles appear there it’s still understandable to me.

“Ah~ Another one’s been written~”

Well, I guess that’s how my fans feel.
Why now, Imai MIki-san?? Why???
Why Imai Miki???


If you attack people in such an underhanded way,
there are actors, idols,
singers who ended up committing suicide.

It’s mentally tough to deal with these things…

Becoming bald because of stress arising from these things,
they won’t compensate you for those treatments right?

It’s a sad story…


Just as I was thinking about that,
a statement of withdrawal of the original article from the publisher
was posted


What’s this?

Is it the end just because you say you removed your article from the internet?

Without even cleaning up the mess that you started,
to just think that it’s fine because you removed it anyway…
Are these the people who believe in freedom of speech?

What a mess.

Ignoring the effects of your actions.
Not even thinking that it’s bad.

So that’s the kind of people our world’s media is made out of…
If they’re in the wrong,
they believe that the problem is solved simply be removing their article.

Not even paying any attention
to those that they have affected with their article.

It’s so shitty…

Above that,
I’m kind of put in a situation similar to having dementia pugilistica^.
Even though I keep getting hit like this,
I don’t even know
whether or not it hurts…

I’ve been seriously injured again…
I wonder if my spirit is completely broken…

If that’s the case,
I’ll want to leave Japan.
Is that all there is?
It feels like suddenly getting your face planted in the wall
by some guy you don’t really know
or some shitty dog who’s gone astray.
It feels horrible…

At a time like this,
I’ve received a letter about something completely different.


A teacher from the school
that I visited in March at Tokushima
for the surprise graduation ceremony live
came in the mail.

The teacher spelled out many of his thoughts but,
in that beautiful font and beautiful words,
he brought me up from my down.

There are people who understand.
There are also fans who help give me that extra push to my back.


Isn’t it odd…

Even though that unpleasant feeling was all I could get,
the thought that I must keep trying harder builds up…
Damn it…

I guess I have to try a little harder…

My name is GACKT
My motto is “Mr. Smile”.

No matter what happens, I’ll smile.
So you too,
should smile.