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Ah, it’s you.

Mm, now?

I’m a little busy…
Am I working?
No no, I kind of made a surprising discovery so
I got AYAKA, one of my staff, to help me

Is it my film?

No no.

It’s AYAKA’s…

Do you know the movie “SAW”?
That doll with the weird mouth
that appears in the movie…

Right right, that one.
I was talking to AYAKA earlier
about whether it was possible to cosplay as it.
So right now, we’re trying it out.


It’s kind of difficult…

Without proper equipment like lighting, there’s only so much we can achieve.

Exactly how much?
Well that’s…

It’s fun because we’re trying it out for real.
There’re lots of cases where stuff like this leads to work.

If even while having fun you just stop half-way,
can you do anything big in your working life?

Isn’t it obvious!

Fuuu~~, we’re finally done.

I think it’s a pretty good end result.
AYAKA’s expressions are pretty cool too.

I guess it’s expected of her.
Her acting isn’t half-way done.


When you’re doing a live-action version, and AYAKA’s doing it…
That’s kind of scary…

When the lighting’s brighter it’s not as scary though.


It becomes cute instead.
AYAKA’s making an eerie expression but it becomes cute…
normally one would find it creepy but
for some reason it looks strange and charming…
I wonder why…

AYAKA’s creepy after all… I guess.

I’m beat.

The makeup took an hour to complete
and the lighting was really elaborate,
I ended up getting tired…

There’re a lot of things I was supposed to do
but I ended up forgetting about them.
My home furniture arrived.

That’s right, I bought a chair.
For awhile I couldn’t find a chair that I really liked.

So I went looking for one.


This chair looks cute… or
so I thought.
It’s a little plain.

This is FENDI.
Well, the cushions were nice.

But it doesn’t suit the current image…

is a brand I like.

Their chesterfields^ are the best.
The luster of its appearance is very different.


There’s a lot of feel in each
of those buttons fastening the leather.

“What’s a chesterfield?” you say…

are you saying that for real?

You have no interest in furniture?

furniture is common knowledge to women.
If you don’t know a single thing about furniture,
you won’t become a great woman.

It’s like furniture
is a symbol of a woman.

Remember that well…

There’s no choice,
I guess I’ll teach you…

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team
Source: OH! MY! GACKT!