Good morning and happy Sunday LOVERS!!

Here we are again with the staff blog, as usual in every weekend. How are you all?
There are a lot of news regarding GACKT and GACKT Italia this week. Let’s start right away with home news, meaning the ones regarding our LOVERS community.

If you have payed attention in the past days, you may have noticed there’s a big surprise from our admins!
That’s right, a big surprise that you’ll have every moth, I’m talking about GACKT ITALIA Vlog, where we are going to share with you the most important news and events, giving you a special point of view!
You haven’t seen it yet?
That0s too bad!!! But don’t worry, you can find it here below! We are curious to know what you think about it!

We also wanted to remind you that you have a few days left to join our BIRTHDAY PROJECT!!
GACKT’s birthday is getting closer and we are planning a wonderful gift that will be sent to GACKT HIMSELF!!
What are you waiting for??? Deadline to send your entries is on June 15th!
Read all the details in the link below!

But now let’s move to the news regarding our beloved GACKT.

This week has been pretty intense for our beloved artist.
GACKT has been active on his social pages as usual, starting from FACEBOOK.
Here below you can find the links to the translated messages:

Furthermore, this year GACKT is going to be 41 and it’s also the year of his 15th solo career anniversary!
For this occasion, GACKT and his staff are organizing a special event.


Aren’t you curious to know what GACKT has in store for all his LOVERS?
Luckily, GACKT Italia translated the news of the official event.

On June the 5th, GACKT attended DOWNTOWN DX as a guest!
Here you can find the link to the video of the TV show:

GACKT Staff is working really hard as always and, obviously, GACKT Italia is working for you too!
Here below you can find the translation of the LOVERS Staff Blog:

And finally here we are at the ending of this week.


Yesterday GACKT published his Blomaga and his official Blog, with a few days of delay.
Are you curious to know what he’s thinking??

That’s all for today!!
We are curious to know your comments and your thoughts!

Hugs everyone and have a ice week end!!