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While the conditions of this cryptocurrency market are still bad,
we can finally celebrate one of our goals and a new start.
I’ve been involved in this cryptocurrency project, SPINDLE, as a core member since last year,
and now, SPINDLE has listed all over the world, in the exchanges of 5 different countries, at the same time.

Starting trade on 5 exchanges, including HitBTC exchange, which is ranked 7th in the world,
allows for more than a few hundred million transactions to be held from the first day of listing.
Valuation on HitBTC is on an inversion basis. One point is the dominance of listing and purchasing.
The trading volume of SPD/ETH on HitBTC is ranked 4th. Trading volume of SPD/ETH on yobit is currently ranked 2nd.

And, furthermore,
SPINDLE has started to prepare for listing in exchanges from 12 countries within this year.
I’m really happy about SPINDLE’s increasing global liquidity,
and I would first like to convey my gratitude to all those around the world who have been supporting SPINDLE thus far.
I sincerely thank you.

We did not make a listing announcement prior to listing
because we wanted to avoid the various adverse effects that come with the tendency for listing postponement in the cryptocurrency industry, and so, we chose to make the announcement following the certainty of an exchange listing. There were also a lot of problems that cropped up, problems that were different from that of the stock markets. Because this is still a premature market, we have to move cautiously, step by step.

Looking back,
for this project, in September of last year
I, GACKT, took part in planning for it, and 3 months later, at year end, the information went public and SPINDLE saw the light of day.
And at the same time, I received a lot of attacks again as well.
Of course,
to people who were involved in other projects that were going on at that same time,
it might’ve been amusing because SPINDLE was such a buzz topic.
However, it’s pointless for fellow cryptocurrency users to go up against each other. Doing that will only shrink the market, and any project that does come up won’t be able to succeed. After all, the fastest way for this market to expand is through supporting and cooperating with each other, instead of fighting.

Most of the attacks and slander were predictable, but among them were things like:
“If you buy it, in the end, SPINDLE is a dubious cryptocurrency that doesn’t seem like it will list”
were being said.

When a friend who is deeply involved in this project told me about it,
I thought “What the hell are they saying…?”
I’m amazed by how low some people are, but unfortunately, there are a group of people who really turned out to be like this.
Firstly, why don’t you watch the videos and discern what kind of project this is?

While side-eying the vulgarities that fly around online as if they were facts, the SPINDLE project has been forging forward.
We’ve been flying to many different countries during these past few months to coordinate with our stakeholders around the world.
originally, it was written in the project road map that we planned to list in late June,
yet we were able to list more than a month early, and in 5 different countries at the same time, a world’s first, to boot.
This really is something to be happy about.

While the poor market conditions persist and other ICOs are just falling apart,
SPINDLE’s start is one that is close to our expectations.
From now, we are looking at 3 to 6 months for the formation of SPINDLE’s market.
Recently, there have been many currencies that collapse irrevocably after flashy promotions and raising prices.

As long as I, GACKT, am around, flashy promotions can be done anytime.
However, neither I, nor the core members, hope for that.
Ultimately, we want to steadily build a market for SPIDNLE, one that is strong, that will not collapse.

【Its name is not GACKTCoin, it’s SPINDLE…】

With the typical occurrences in the fluctuating, turbulent world of cryptocurrencies,
impressionable people can panic and grow alarmed in just one day,
so why not sit down, take your time, and observe how the project unfolds going forward?

In the past, when we’ve yet to list, people would say stupid things like “scamcoin”, and once we’ve listed, they started making noise, saying “it’ll lose value! it’s the end!”. Ahahaha (lol)
Actually, before listing, we switched to something similar to a stock split in a ratio of 20-for-1 (possession rate is 20 times, price is 1/20) but by simply quoting this 20-for-1, there were people who started howling about nonsense and looking at them, it makes me laugh.
In the first place, even though SPINDLE is bought using ETH, they’re thinking about it via Japanese Yen conversion instead of ETH conversion, and this, to begin with, is already wrong but…

Once again, I recognise that no matter what I do, there will be negative people attacking and complaining but
there is such a variety of unreasonable people that it really makes me think that people are fascinating creatures.

Well, I would like these people to look forward to see what will become of SPINDLE in the next half year too.
We will definitely produce results, even in these market conditions.

That’s because we can clearly declare that SPINDLE is not just a mere speculative cryptocurrency.
But neither is it a just currency that you hold and wait for it’s price to rise.

This is because the platform, “ZETA”, will be rolled out soon.
You could say that ZETA is the engine, while SPINDLE is the gasoline.

Until now, good investment deals have only been available to a portion of the rich.
In other words, to put it in extremities,
the world, so far, has been one where only the rich are able to grow richer.
I believe that this is a well-known fact.

The true value of SPINDLE will be fully demonstrated through the platform “ZETA” and the way it will democratise investments by creating investment fair, transparent, and equal investment opportunities for all.

What is unfortunate is that there are a number of cryptocurrency projects that don’t really have much substance nor practical use.

ZETA’s service will soon be launched too.
Launching a service with such speed is, again, something that has never been seen before in other cryptocurrencies.

This time,
the SPINDLE project is currently being rated with a full 5-stars
on the website ICOBench, where ICO investors from all over the world are gathered,
and with a high rating of 3.7 points, it has once again been put in the global spotlight.

This rating comes from analysis done by cryptocurrency experts and analysts from Russia, India, the Middle East, Asia, North America, and Europe.

And, to think that the ICO Profile was given a miraculously high score of “4.8” out of 5 points!
This evaluation is a big achievement in getting global recognition for what we have been working on thus far and what we’re looking to realise in future. This is also the first report that I can happily deliver to everyone who has been believing SPINDLE thus far.

The negativity from North America’s Wall Street critics has also always been according to our predictions.
We have many supporters, but the fact is that there are also people who carry vested interests in being critical about what we do.
Those who do have the time, please do take a look.

So far,
there are still a number of challenging hurdles that this project has to clear but
together with all the members, we will go forward step by step with the confidence that we can definitely get through them.
I believe the battle still continues going forward.
We will push through for the sake of realising our ideals.

Also, the conference, with a capacity of 3,000 people, that was supposedly scheduled for May 1st, this month,
had received a total of 12,000 registrants, far more than what we expected, and because the venue was meant to allow for free, unlimited entry,
we were forced to postpone it based on the judgement that there is a “high risk of an accident happening”.
It was meant to bring the global core members of SPINDLE together with the investors who have an interest in SPINDLE,
and I was very much looking forward to it too, but it had to be postponed.
Since this conference has been postponed, I hope that everyone will look forward to when it can be held at the soonest possible date.
And at that point in time,
I believe we will be able to give a report on how big the project has grown, and how far it has progressed.

Now, what kind of regulations and trends will cryptocurrencies have in Japan?

Unfortunate, at present,
Japan is, once again, going towards the Galápagos syndrome trend again.
We’ve spoken a lot with the central stakeholders too, but everyone is at their wits end.
The only we can do is hope that the various stakeholders and exchanges in Japan
all do their best in trying to steer this towards a better direction.

We will, of course, do our best to cooperate as well.
To make sure that Japan is not the only one lagging behind in this new industry that makes remarkable progress daily in the world at a tremendous speed,
we have to properly execute what we have to do in every corner of the world,
and at the same time, I believe that the Japanese core members of SPINDLE
have to do this with the awareness that they are doing this “as Japanese”.

The SPINDLE OFFICIAL GROUP on Telegram Messenger now has over 30,000 participants in it too.
This is a rather significant number among the global ICOs too, and we’re among the top 10.
There are only a handful of ICO groups on Telegram that is formed to this extent.
The SPINDLE project started out shouldering the expectations of many,
and now, finally, SPINDLE is the first in the world to list on 5 exchanges at the same time,
taking its place on the world stage.

Even in all of this, weird people keep showing up.

You could say that this can’t be helped since SPINDLE is conspicuous on a global scale as well,
but it can once again be seen that these people don’t only exist in Japan, but all over the world as well.

Recently there has been spam and falsehoods about the SPINDLE core members going rampant.
The worst part is that there are people who try to extort SPINDLE from users by posing as core members doing weird solicitations.
The core members will not personally send direct messages straight to the users and holders.

Their modus operandi is to send all kinds of SMSes to the holders of SPINDLE.
The service centres will only communicate via
to the customers of SPINDLE.
You can consider all other emails and SMSes from other addresses to be fraudulent.

Anyway, these are the usernames of the admins and if the username isn’t found here, it belongs to a fraudster, so please do be careful.

@jugentjugent Shuichi
@sexygackt GACKT
@force119 Hiro
@stkogg Takashi
@masahirai Masamitsu
@ikko448 Ikko
@LinafromDoitsu Lina
@Daniel_Kapran Daniel
@atijke Den
@eyisback Alexander
@gummysx Haley
@stan069 Stan

People with incomprehensible actions appear one after another.
【From barking fellows to thieving fellows】
All kinds of people exist.
I think it’s fine to just live life however you want to but there’s something called retribution, and I believe that all the nonsense that you do will come back to you but…
I would like everyone, not only SPINDLE holders but those involved in other investments as well, to beware of such SPAM and SCAMMERS.

We would like to announce new developments and other news
on Telegram Messenger’s SPINDLE Official Group as well.
Look forward to news about us listing in new exchanges and information on the progress of our platform “ZETA”.

Those who are already involved in ICOs, or are presently participants in other ICOs’ Telegram groups will probably understand this, but I have never seen any other ICO-related persons answer questions within the group with this much sincerity elsewhere.
I believe the general impression of the cryptocurrency world is one that is frivolous, but the core members of SPINDLE are very serious about this.
I will occasionally get annoyed by this absurd level of seriousness but more often than not, I am moved by the way they tackle things seriously.
I am sincerely proud that I am able to be involved with them together in this project.

Those who have yet to register in this official group, this valuable place where you can speak to these people directly, I really do hope that you will join in and directly share your own thoughts there.

A new battle begins from here.
I’m feeling good so I’ll go out and take a short walk in this Bulgarian city.
See you.


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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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