BONUS: Recap of talk show with GACKT

Hundreds of visitors, majority of them harcore fans of GACKT’s, filled the halls of AFAID 2015 to see the rocker in person. The last time he was in the country was two years ago to shoot his part in the TV series tokukatsu, “Bima Satria Garuda”. This time, he is participating as a guest during the talk show segment of the festival.

Prior to his arrival, AFA committee already gathered questions from fans through social media. The talk show hosts Danny Choo and Diasta then took turns in reading the questions for GACKT. Many times before answering, GACKT would ask if the person who posted the question is in the audience. This made fans crazy and even happier.

The talk show went along smoothly. At one point, GACKT was asked if a fan can hug him. He answered in fluent English, “Is hug enough for you? How about a kiss?”. This response was met by excited screams.

Fans also requested GACKT to speak in Bahasa Indonesia. GACKT responded by saying, ”Aku sayang kalian semua” (I Love you all) which once again ignited screams.

At the end of the one hour long talk show, Danny Choo asked GACKT if he has plans for a world tour and if part of it was having a one-man show in Indonesia. GACKT answered with a resounding, “Yes” and promised to have a one-man live show in Indonesia once he has the chance.

Source: JpopAsia