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This happened at the airport in Manila.

Two cute girls appeared, saying
“We’re huge fans, please take a picture with us ❤️”

After agreeing, one of the girls called out someone loudly,

Even if I’m not sure how she meant with “daddy”.

For sure it was too easy to tell from his appearance,
and I turned him down, saying,
“No, no, no, definitely not with those tattoos.”
That kind of judgement is something you need to do in my line of work.

I hate the fact that the media is so ready to go wild over every little thing, as if to say: ‘We’ve been waiting for this!’

But this culture is so deeply rooted in Japan that it has no hope to be changed

Next time,
if a person like that asks me for a photo,
in this day and age I might need to turn them down with a smile,
saying, “Oh no, my office won’t allow me to take photos with people with scary faces ❤️”
It may be necessary to make an habit of smiling and saying no. Get out of it! Japanese who can’t say no.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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