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GACKT, I’m starting to drink wine.

When it comes to wine, GACKT is the man.
He visited “Kaminokuni Winery” in Kaminokuni-cho, Hokkaido, and planted the seedlings of “Pinot Noir,” a grape for wine, which he selected in a newly constructed vineyard.

Hokkaido is currently attracting attention from wineries around the world for its suitable climate and soil for grape cultivation.
Kaminokuni Kaihatsu, which aims to produce world-class wines in the southern region of Hokkaido, made an offer to participate in the winery operation.
He has planted 2,000 seedlings selected by himself in a newly constructed vineyard. He will also be involved in the training of winemakers.
He aims to ship his “GACKT original wine” as early as five years from now.
We want to send out wines that we can share with the world over a long period of time.
He also hopes to deliver healthy wines that are organic and additive-free.

With an eye on revitalizing the town through wine, he is also looking to expand his vineyards.

We cannot take our eyes off the wine project led by GACKT.

Kaminokuni Winery


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