Musician and actor GACKT planted saplings at a winery in Kaminokuni-cho in southern Hokkaido and expressed his enthusiasm for making Kaminokuni wine a wine that reaches the world.

On the 4th, musician and actor GACKT planted wine grape saplings in Kaminokuni-cho.
In order to revitalize the local community, the town completed a winery in a closed elementary school last year, aiming to produce high quality wine.
Mr. GACKT sympathized with this initiative and visited the winery to plant trees. On the 4th, upon arrival at the winery, he immediately went to the vineyard and planted grape saplings one by one using a shovel.
After this, GACKT entered the winery, where he was briefed on the winemaking facilities and actually tasted the wine being brewed.
GACKT said, “Pinot noir is a variety that is considered difficult to grow in Hokkaido, but I want to take on the challenge. I would like to make Kaminokuni wine a wine that reaches the world,” said GACKT.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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