Kyushu Center for Regenerative Medicine Report from Koukeikai Medical Corporation Ju Cell Clinic

We are pleased to inform you that Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Center, Medical Corporation Koukeikai Shu Cell Clinic is in charge of the overall treatment of artist GACKT, who is currently on a long-term suspension from performing arts activities.

Regarding the treatment history of the artist “GACKT”, he had been suffering from unexplained health problems in August last year and had been receiving treatment overseas since September last year.

The facility has established a medical team in cooperation with affiliated medical institutions, and has conducted a detailed examination and treatment of artist GACKT’s medical condition. As a result, his vocal disorder has recovered with normal treatment, but he has developed systemic dermatitis and alopecia due to immunodeficiency caused by his nervous system disease.

In the past, GACKT’s office has received numerous inquiries from the media about his health condition, and among them there have been many reports that are not true.

Although he is still undergoing treatment, his health is expected to gradually improve and the prospects for a return to his artistic activities are good, so today, with the consent of the patient and his agency, we are pleased to announce his medical condition to date from the medical facility in charge of this case.

Please note that we are unable to respond to inquiries from the press and media other than those related to this announcement, as it would interfere with our ability to respond to patients at our facility.

About Mr. GACKT’s medical condition:
Hepatic dysfunction and decreased respiratory function due to immune system damage caused by an autoimmune abnormality.
Generalized dermatitis and alopecia due to the immunocompromised immune system.
Fever and pain associated with the above, and decreased vocal cord function.

■ Medical Institutions in Charge
Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Center
Medical Corporation Koukeikai
Zhu Cell Clinic Main Clinic

Kyushu Regenerative Medicine Center
Medical Corporation Koukeikai
Zhu Cell Clinic Main Clinic
3-4-10 Kashiteriha, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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