GACKT Recommends Golden Gai But「I’ve never been there」, Godzilla and King Kong Compete

The Japan premiere for the American action movie 「Kong: Skull Island」(to be released Mar 25) was held on the 15th in Shinjuku, Tokyo. In addition to Tom Hiddleston (36), Brie Larson (27), and Samuel L. Jackson (68) visiting Japan on this occasion, GACKT (43) and Sasaki Nozomi (29) of the Japanese dubbing cast also made an appearance. They had fun interacting, taking photos, and giving autographs to the 1000 fans gathered.

The venue was Kabukicho’s 「Godzilla Road」, a 120.1 metre-long road named after the monster that is the pride of Japan, 「Godzilla」. At the same event, in the evening, King Kong occupied the orange coloured carpet as he appeared, which was a first for a foreign film. On screen, the gigantic King Kong will appear too and the “competition” between Godzilla and King Kong from the future movie 「Godzilla VS Kong」, which is scheduled for release in 2020, came to life.

Tom, who is in Japan for the first time, greeted 「Thank you」 in Japanese. When asked about his impression of Japan, he said 「Everyone is so kind and friendly, and the food here is delicious. And I’ve had some sushi and sashimi」. He appeared to be enjoying this special event as he stood on stage in front of Godzilla and said 「I’m also very excited to be standing below Godzilla」. Brie, who appeared in a strapless dress under the cold sky, said 「Konbanwa! (good evening)」 with a smile. Samuel too, instead greeted 「Good morning!」 in Japanese and joked that 「It’s morning in L.A.」, then once again greeted 「Konbanwa!」 and waved, getting the audience excited.

GACKT appealed 「This isn’t the 『King Kong』 that everyone knows. The sense of urgency and the human drama is interesting. If I may say, it’s 20 times more fun than 『Jurassic Park』」. Sasaki too said 「Since this was my first time dubbing, it was really difficult but the sense of urgency and the tension was great, and I look forward to having everyone watch it」, and of Brie, whose voice she dubs for in the movie, she said with a smile 「She’s a cool, and admirable woman in the movie but she’s friendly too in real life. I’ve become a big fan」.

GACKT, who had deepened exchanges backstage with the cast who are visiting Japan, said 「I thought Tom is a great guy. You don’t really meet men who are truly nice up close」 and grinned. When GACKT turned to Tom and asked, 「I heard you’re gonna go back tomorrow, so do you have any plans to go somewhere, or is there anything you want to see in Tokyo tonight?」, Tom asked in return 「What do you recommend?」. To that GACKT replied with 「Golden Gai」, which is a restaurant district near the venue, and Brie unexpectedly quipped in 「I wanna go!」. The MC then said 「At that time, GACKT-san too…」, suggesting if he would go with them but unexpectedly, GACKT replied 「I’ve never been there too」, laughing.

Actor Fujioka Hiroshi (71), comedian Onishi Lion (37), and talend Mika Kano also appeared as guests for this red carpet event.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA