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An Invitation to the Japan Premier Red Carpet Event for the Movie 『Kong: Skull Island』!

All interested parties should read the details and notices below, and only those who have understood them and are definitely able to attend the event should continue through to the application form below and register.

【Eligible members】 Members with a valid membership
Those who have joined by choosing the credit card or convenience store option for payment within the application period may apply.
※New members who opted to pay via postal transfer have to have joined the club before 15 February 2017.
【Application period】1 March 2017 (Wed) 18:00〜 7 March 2017 (Tue) 12:00
※Each person may only apply once.

【Results】 We willonly contact the winners via e-mail. The e-mail is expected to be sent around 18:00 on 10 March 2017 (Fri)
※Please set your e-mail account to allow receipt of e-mails from 「noreply@g-and-lovers.com」 beforehand.

【Guests】 Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, GACKT, Sasaki Nozomi (planned)
※The guest list may change without prior notice.
【Date】 March 15, 2017 (Wed)
【Meeting point】 Tokyo, Shinjuku area
【Meeting time】16:30 (Starts 17:35, expected to end 19:00)
※Please make sure you are able to arrive at the meeting time stated.
※As you will not be allowed to exit the venue until the event ends, please take note of the time.
【Important notes for watching】
●Please make sure to bring your membership card and photo identification.
●Staff will be checking your membership on that day, so please bring the e-mail that states that you’ve won the ticket.
●As it is not first-come-first-serve, coming early does not mean that you’ll be able to enter the venue earlier.
●Please note that there will be baggage inspection that will be done before entering the venue.
●The event will be held regardless of rain or shine. Due to the nature of the event venue, umbrellas cannot be used. Please use a raincoat or poncho instead.
●The event may be changed due to weather conditions or circumstances, and it may be cancelled if unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or unexpected accidents occur.
Please note that in such an event, you will be notified at the venue on the day itself.
●As it is an outdoor event, please consider your own situation and prepare accordingly, e.g. preparing for measures against the cold.
●Please do use public transportation when you come.
Also, all transportation costs to the venue will be borne by the customer.
●Please follow the staff’s instructions in the venue.
All actions which may cause disturbances to others are strictly forbidden.
Please note that you may be required to leave before the event ends if you do not follow their instructions.
●There will be media coverage on site on the day itself. Please note that there is a chance that you may appear on screen. Only those who are agreeable to this should apply.
●Items cannot be stored in the venue. Please try to bring as little with you as possible to the venue.

Source: G&LOVERS

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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