Started training in my room this morning.

Since it’s now in the middle of the poker tournament, there’s no time to go to the gym, so I spent an hour training in my room.

Saying that you’ve got no time and what not, they’re all excuses. So you just have to try and do it.

Everyone always misunderstands, thinking that you’ll be able to get the perfect figure just by going to the gym. That’s completely wrong!

What’s important is managing your diet properly, and having to train everyday without fail. Anyway, it’s basically building it up daily that’s the most important.

In this one month, train using your own body weight and no other weights, and see what kind of figure you build. Also, you have to drink those protein and health products.

Right now I’m always drinking the newly developed special proteins, feels pretty good. We’re going to reveal it to everyone soon, so look forward to it!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA