Hi LOVERS family, happy Sunday!
How are you all doing? Are you already on holiday somewhere under the sun? GACKT Italia never stops so here’s our weekly staff blog! Let’s start with GACKT x Nestle Game Center video series:

And of course we are still working on subbing the Game Centre series! Here are this week’s videos!


And as usual, GACKT has been very active on instagram posting videos and photos! Let’s take a look!!


G&LOVERS staff is on holiday for a few days still, so there are not so many official news, but we have some brand new videos from GACKT’s official youtube channel!!


Furthermore, GACKT was invited to the opening of a restaurant with the best meat in Japan, read here all the details and see the photos!


This is all for this week! We hope you are enjoying your holiday! See you next Sunday! Kisu~