First Performance with GACKT & ToreEn at Hamasaki Ayumi’s Live Saito stuttered「Did you call?」


Singer Hamasaki Ayumi (37) held the Tokyo performance for her nationwide tour『ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2016 A~MADE IN JAPAN~』at Tokyo, Shibuya’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium Stadium 1 on the 10th. GACKT and the comedian duo Trendy Angel (?) appeared as surprise guests, bringing much excitement to the 14,000 strong audience.


On May 31, Hamasaki and ToreEn had performed together on LINE LIVE’s live broadcast program『Sashimeshi』. On this occasion, Hamasaki gave a shout out to Saito Tsukasa, who did impressions of GACKT and sang parodies of Hamasaki’s songs,「As I’m in the middle of a tour, please come and perform on that stage as well」, thus resulting in the realisation of this co-performance.


On this day, as Hamasaki finished performing a total of 25 songs including a double encore of「MY ALL」, ToreEn appeared. Saito, who was in high spirits from the start, performed GACKT’s「ANOTHER WORLD」with his great voice. Encouraged by the audience’s cheers, he rearranged the English lyrics in the chorus on his own volition, changing it from “You don’t need another words!” to「Udon ni nozawana! (Udon with nozawana)」. As he proudly sang it, Saito was called in secret, and yet another guest, GACKT, suddenly appeared.


In an unexpected way, Saito’s first performance together with GACKT has been realised, and Saito was flustered, saying「Ah, oh no! Did you call?」. He stuttered「My passion grew too much and, just… Sorry!」.「It’s not Udon with Nozawana~. I don’t eat Udon!」said GACKT with a look of displeasure, which drew laughter. Hamasaki too, who played the prank, said with a mischievous smile「Gaku-chin, came back to Japan from overseas~」.


As GACKT said「Since Ayu insisted, I came back to Japan this morning just for this」, Hamasaki said「Gaku-chi~n」and extended her arms as they hugged tightly. Within the audience’s roaring cheers which sounded like whining, Hamasaki requested of him「I wanna hear Gaku-chin’s『Udon ni nozawana』~」, and at the end, the three of them Hamasaki, GACKT and Saito, sang the chorus of「ANOTHER WORLD」together. Following Saito’s「Udon ni nozawana!」, the song’s original writer GACKT, added his own rearrangement, singing「Gyuudon wa Yoshinoya! (Beef bowl is Yoshinoya)」, and thus concluding the almost 3 hours long live.



Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA