GACKT, highlight of the unconventional hero’s movie is “SM scene” 「I was in a laughing fit」


On the 26th, singer GACKT appeared at the premiere event for the 『Deadpool』 movie held in Tokyo. With its extreme portrayal, the hero movie has been rated R, and a highlight from it that he mentioned with a smile was 「There’s an SM scene, he ends up on all fours… I quite like this part. I was in quite a laughing fit」.

 The movie, which is an 『X-MEN』 series spin-off, is a live-action action movie of the Marvel comics 4th-wall breaking hero. It is a story about an ex-special forces mercenary, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), who gets an immortal body and superhuman combat abilities.

 With regards to the charm of the main character, GACKT emphasised 「More than a dark hero, he’s a brainless hero. But he’s strong!」. He then highlighted 「In any case, its crazy, and has a considerable amount of black humour. In the action scenes, you also wonder who’s getting injured, its amazing」.

 During the event, professional baseballer Yomiuri Giants pitcher Miles Mikolas and his wife Lauren, Creepy Nuts (R-Shitei, DJ Matsunaga), and Takano Tomomi made appearances as well. The movie will be released on June 1.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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