GACKT Wears a White Coat, Advises Men with Thinning Hair

The TV commercial for 「AGA Skin Clinic」, starring GACKT, goes on air in Tokyo and Osaka on June 1.

◆CM video


This time, 2 versions, the 『「Isn’t that AGA? Beginning」』 and 『「In front or on top」』 versions, have been produced, with GACKT being challenged to play a doctor’s role in a white coat for the first time. The commercial features GACKT cooly giving advice and a diagnosis to the mannequins who represent the estimated 12 million people (※) who are troubled with AGA (thinning hair), he cooly gives advice and a diagnosis. Also, with regards to co-starring with mannequins, GACKT gave the comment 「When I was told that they (mannequins) were my co-stars I was most surprised though. It’s a strange feeling.」.


In addition, on the same day, the 「AGA Self-diagnosis」page opens on the official site for 「AGA Skin Clinic」. Here, you can find out about your level of AGA just by answering questions posed by GACKT (

※From a survey done in 2015 by 「AGA Skin Clinic」. Through a survey answered by men aged 20 and above nationwide (n=1,030 people), it was found that approximately 12 million people are troubled with thinning hair.

■CM information
『「Isn’t that AGA? Beginning」』
『「In front or on top」』
Broadcast starts :June 1 2016 (Wed) ~
Broadcasting area:Tokyo, Osaka






Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA