GACKT 92nd CamuiGakuen de Dashitekudasai Exclusive Live Coverage!! NicoNico Boradcasting

All participants will be in school uniforms!! A live performance by the Light Music Club’s copy-band!!
This year, an exclusive live coverage of the ultimate school festival entertainment show by GACKT!!
『92nd Camui♂Gakuen de Dashitekudasai』
This year there will be free-viewing content and premium members-only viewing content.


Since 2009
the 「Started by GACKT, play with abandon!!」 Gakuen Fest!!

It’s not a “school festival”, GACKT dresses up as the scion of the Camui Conglomerate, the Student Council President Camui Gakuto who
performs covers of a variety of artistes’ songs.
It’s an enjoyable event which brings you back to the schooling atmosphere
in a “Seifuku” Only LIVE where the dress-code is to wear school uniforms ♪♪

Besides the Camui♂Gakuen Light Music Club performing covers of songs live
the Camui♂Gakuen Purchasing Department (goods sales) and Student Cafeteria (food section) will also be available!!
There will also be display panels for you to take photos with the Student Council President and the Senpais (members) !!
And also! The Senpais may even go to the Student Cafeteria and tend the stalls, shake hands
and you can meet them in real life!! Unthinkable in normal tours!!

Will everyone come too?
Is it alright?

Only Premium Members can watch the whole event.

Members of the GACKT Official NicoNico Channel 「OH! MY!! GACKT!!!」,
after the event ends, there will be a live special talk channel for viewing!
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Even information
Event date:7 Nov (Sat)
Admission procedures:14:00/Doors open:15:00/Performance starts:16:00
Venue: Saitama Branch School/Omiya Sonic City

Program time schedule
13:00~ On-site report starts!
16:00~ Camui♂Gakuen de Dashitekudasai starts (One part is free-viewing)
※A more detailed schedule will be posted on a later date.
The later half of the event is only available to Premium members for viewing.
Please register as a Premium member to watch the full event.
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on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android (niconico app).
※As low quality mode is unavailable, please view in high quality mode.

The live streaming of the GACKT official channel, 「OH! MY!! GACKT!!!」scheduled for the end of the live has been canceled due to sudden circumstances.

For all those who were looking forward to the live streaming, we deeply apologize. Please wait 4 the next love of this channel

Source: OH! MY! GACKT! Blomaga

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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