「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE supported by Nestlé」 Premium seats lottery second round.

Since the「VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE II 〜鎮魂と再生〜」, it has been 7 years since GACKT’s concept tour 「VISUALIVE」.
In 2016… It will finally kick off…

《2016 Tour dates/Venue》

March 19 (Sat) [Saitama] Misato City Culture Hall Main Hall
March 21 (Mon•Hol) [Yamanashi] Korany Culture Hall (Yamanashi Prefecture Culture Hall)
March 26 (Sat) [Osaka] Orix Theatre
March 27 (Sun) [Osaka] Orix Theatre
March 30 (Wed) [Kanagawa] Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall
April 1 (Fri)【Niigata】Niigata Prefecture Civic Centre Great Hall
April 6 (Wed)【Hyogo】Kobe International Hall Kokusai Hall
April 7 (Thu)【Hyogo】Kobe International Hall Kokusai Hall
April 9 (Sat)【Aomori】Hachinohe City Auditorium Large Hall
April 10 (Sun)【Miyagi】Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
April 12 (Tue)【Kanagawa】Kamakura Museum of Art Great Hall
April 16 (Sat)【Nagano】Hokuyo Cultural Hall Large Hall
April 17 (Sun)【Ishikawa】Honda Forest Hall
April 21 (Thu)【Hiroshima】Ueno Gakuen Hall
April 23 (Sat)【Okayama】Okayama CIvic Centre
April 25 (Mon)【Fukuoka】Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall
April 29 (Fri•Hol)【Hokkaido】Nitori Cultural Hall
April 30 (Sat)【Hokkaido】Nitori Cultural Hall
May 10 (Tue)【Chiba】Mori no Hall 21 Great Hall
May 14 (Sat)【Aichj】Nagoya Congress Centre Century Hall
May 21 (Sat)【Ehime】Matsuyama CIvic Centre Great Hall
May 27 (Fri)【Tokyo】Tokyo International Forum Hall A
June 15 (Wed)【Kumamoto】Civic Auditorium Sojo University Hall (Kumamoto Civic Centre)
June 17 (Fri)【Miyazaki】Miyazaki Civic Cultural Hall Great Hall
July 2 (Sat)【Saitama】Saitama Super Arena

※The performance on 19 March (Sat) at Misato City Cultural Centre Main Hall is restricted to Fan Club members only.

This is only applicable for members who joined the fanclub by 15 September 2015.

[Limit of premium tour tickets]
-With the exception of Misato performance/ 2 tickets per member of the fan club
-Misato performance/ 1 ticket per member
Children aged 4 and above require a ticket for admission. Children aged 3 and below are not allowed into the concert venue. (There are no child care areas)
*People who wish to attend on a wheelchair can’t purchase Premium tickets. It’s not possible to make a subscription this time.

[Seat species]
Premium seat / 30,000 yen (tax included)

The receipt number for this time will be your 9-digit membership number plus the first 3 digits of the postal code of the address you used when applying into G&LOVERS. it will be a total of 12 digits.
For example
Membership number: 123456789
Registered G&LOVERS address postal code: 000
Receipt number: 123456789000

【Web or Phone Booking Period】

Booking period:1 Oct 2015 (Thu)12:00~5 Oct 2015 (Thu) 18:00
Announcement period:9 Oct 2015 (Wed)13:00~ 11 Oct (Sat)18:00
Payment period:9 Oct 2015 (Wed) 13:00~ 12 Oct (Sun) 21:00

■GACKT Fanclub Application Site:Please refer here. (PC/Mobile/Smartphone site)
■GACKT fan club phon number: 0570-06-9936
※For more information for application thruough phone call, please refer to the information DM or here.

For more information, please refer to the URL below.

※For more information about the telephone entry line refer to DM or (link)
※General sales for normal seats will start from 6 October onwards.
※For people who entered the fan club after September the 9/1 write a mail to 【 glovers@gackt.com 】 if you have any enquiry about the member code number
◇Subject:「member code number enquiry」(※if there’s no subject field write it the body of the letter )
◇Main points:Name・address・registered phone number


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team