For someone you think would be a shy man musician GACKT (42) has a lot to say. Recently he has proved himself as a man of astounding sense of taste and aesthetics in the New Year variety show ‘Genoujin kakuzuke chekku’, acquiring the firm status of ‘first-class performer (6 years consecutive victories and 36 right answers).

On september the 29th ‘Nestle Japan x Fukujuen’ new product launch event, he took part as ‘the man that can distinguish the true quality (of things)’ and as an expert of the new tea machine and Japanese tea gave his jundgement about the flavour of the selected Gyokuru tea .

“I can easily distinguish poor or bad quality item. I’m impressed by the quality of this tea machine. To compete with this is difficult.” said GACKT and with his skilled tongue and nose made a long PR about how the flavour is almost impossible to distinguish from the original tea.

During the interview he became more and more talkative.

He gave an insight of his elegant private life saying “No matter how busy in the morning I always dedicate 1 hour to the tea time”
but on the other hand, he also expressed the loneliness of not having a girlfriend recently and he also revealed the type of girl he prefers “the truth is (about the girl) I’d like to say I have one but, it’s just that we parted a long time ago…. . I don’t like girls who uses her phone during meals” .

About the sudden marriage announcement of Fukuyama Masaru, “I think it’s beautiful to establish a long relationship from lovely encounter with someone, like a new start. If I have the chance I’d like to congratulate with them” said GACKT giving his blessing. Also referring to Fukuyama “Please introduce me (to a girl)” said closing his speech.

In the past his relationships with Yumiko Shaku (37) or ICONIQ (31) were revealed on tabloids. Who will be the next girl to win his favour?


Source: nikkan-gendai

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team