GACKT Sincerely Congratulates Fukuyama and Fukuiishi, who are getting married, while Lamenting the Loneliness of Being Single

On the 29th, singer GACKT attended 「Nestle Japan × Fukujuen」new product and experience launch event, and congratulated actress Fukuiishi Kazue and singer Fukuyama Masaharu who announced their wedding yesterday. However, he subconsciously let our a sigh when it came to his own love life.

With regards to Fukuyama’s getting married, GACKT said keenly 「It is truly wonderful to have someone walk with you. The news is shocking to the world, but I think that its wonderful, instead of shocking 」. He then congratulated them, saying 「With their wonderful first meeting and their long-term relationship, it is amazing for them to start off with a new beginning. I definitely hope that they will go well. When I meet them, I’d want to give them words of congratulations」.

From there, when the conversation turned to his own love life, he said with a bitter smile 「Please introduce (women) to me. Really… 」. He then expressed 「Actually, I want to say I have (a girlfriend) but, it’s already been quite awhile since we broke up. Since then I’ve yet to find another」. In last July, GACKT broke up with singer ICONIQ who he dated with for about 2 years, and has revealed that he has since distanced himself from romance. He made a request to girls around the world, saying 「If the number of wonderful women went up, it would make my heart race more often though 」. Also, he expressed his view on marriage, saying 「I’m not particular about marriage. It can be thought that the timing to get married is when you have strong feelings of wanting to walk through life together, but its fine to stay as you are if you don’t think so too」.

On this day, the new model 「SPECIAL.T My T.」 of the world’s first dedicated machine for capsule-form tea 「SPECIAL.T」 was announced. It seals tea leaves it individual capsules which are used by the machine to brew tea. With 5 settings for the thickness of the tea, and even the ability to brew the finest green tea, Gyokuro tea (refined green tea), one can reproduce an authentic cup of tea to your own liking. Also, since its founding 220 years ago, Fukujuen Co, which aims to preserve the Japanese tea culture, has shared that the Japanese tea capsules 「Kyo no Takumi Fukujuen Series」 were jointly developed with the concept of a “new world of Japanese tea”.

In this series, you can enjoy the 5 types of flavours of Sencha, Houjicha, Genmaicha, Kabusecha, and Gyokuro. On this day, GACKT tasted the 「Gyokuro」 capsule. Comparing the taste of the tea brewed by a master, and what the machine made with the capsule, GACKT said 「This is surprising. I wonder if I can tell which is made by the master? The quality is quite highか」, unable to hide his surprise.

「SPECIAL.T My T.」 will go on sale from 15 October. 「Kyo no Takumi Fukujuen Series」 Sencha, Houjicha, and Genmaicha goes on sale on 15 October. While Kabusecha and Gyokuro will go on sale in mind November.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team