GACKT Laments Being Single? Says to Fukuyama who’s Getting Married 「Please Introduce Me」

On the 29th, singer GACKT attended 『Nestle Japan × Fukujuen』 new product and experience launch event held at Happo En, Tokyo. Upon hearing artiste Fukuyama Masaharu’s announcement yesterday on the 28th that he was getting married, he mumbled 「Please introduce me. Being on my own is lonely 」.

GACKT gave his blessings for Fukuyama’s wedding, saying 「I think that it’s wonderful 」. When the reporters asked him 「What about your own wedding? 」, he replied with a bitter laugh 「please introduce me」and said emphatically 「I’m not particular about the form of the wedding」. Nevertheless, he shared his ideal, saying 「Someone who I can share precious times together would be nice. I hate people who use their phones during mealtimes 」.

At the event, GACKT, who has become addicted to “tea” in this year, passionately shared his particularities, saying 「My home is amazing. I’ve got lots of tea leaves」 and 「Once you get addicted to tea you can’t really escape it, dangerous isn’t it 」.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team