「Listen to what others are saying (laughs)」 GACKT Rebuts Pepper!He Recalls Not Being Able to Drink Coffee 5 Years Ago

On the 15th, actor-singer GACKT became the first customer of the 『NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP Future Cafe』 Opening Event held at Shinjuku, Tokyo’s NesCafe Shinjuku.

Nestle Japan has launched their 『NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP』 and they will be operating a limited time only cafe. The futuristic cafe, which will have “robots from the future” playing an active part, will be open for a limited time from the 16th to 23rd. Drones and projection mapping will be used as products which give a futuristic feel.

GACKT appeared in black leather pants and jacket. About the 『Future Cafe』, GACKT said 「I am tentatively excited 」, he was also deeply curious about Dolce Gusto drones flying around inside and divulged a smile at the projection mapping involved.

On this day as well, GACKT, known as “the man who knows the difference”, said about its performance 「Coffee made from beans that have oxidised don’t taste good. I feel that it is important that you should always be able to drink coffee in its fresh state. For the 『Dolce Gusto』, I think there’s a lot to experience but, the aroma is great, and the coffee holds a sustained distinct aroma 」. 「After I started brewing my own coffee, I came to realise that coffee has such differences. In the near future, it may even be possible to provide even fresher (coffee) in an even better form. If robots or machines can provide more delicious (coffee), human’s have to have exceptional skills so as to not lose out」 he said along with his theory.

At the event, the emotion-sensitive personal robot, Pepper, which has been serving customers at the cafe since February this year, also appeared. When Pepper said 「It is an honor to meet you 」, GACKT responded in a friendly manner 「Nice to meet you. If it were a little taller it would be easier to talk to though」. Pepper then said 「Between me and Dolce Gusto DROP, which do you like better? 」, raising a difficult question to answer. GACKT the pointed at Dolce Gusto DROP and made his selection 「This one I guess. The design is good, and its cute too 」. To this, Pepper expressed shock in its reply but, at one point it stopped engaging in conversation, making GACKT say 「Listen to what others are saying(laughs)」. It looked like he had fun with the exchange.

Incidentally, that day’s event was coffee-related but, GACKT confessed 「In the past I couldn’t drink coffee 」. 「When I went to France, everyone was drinking coffee and I thought they looked very adult-like, then I started practicing everyday. I’m finally able to drink it after these 5 years, it feels like I’ve finally become one of the adults」 he said, recalling the episode. With repeated questions from the press, he said 「I say I couldn’t drink it but it was more like I wasn’t good at it. No matter what I couldn’t find it delicious 」. Apparently his start was not that great.

When the reporters threw him yet another question 「What if someone you loved made a cup of coffee for you when you wake up in the morning? 」, he keenly replied 「That would be bliss. It would be nice if I had such a girlfriend」. He then continued with a bitter laugh 「There are many people who have gotten married but, don’t you think that there aren’t many people who can express that partnership well.For example, if they wake up a little earlier to prepare coffee, such actions will increase the girl’s points. As men are simple, don’t you think that it’s important to know how to control them by knowing which points to push at. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a woman who can make simple men strive and work harder. It’s not easy to find one」.

「In any case, come and experience it, feel what the future could be like, try and taste what the flavours are like. What we cannot convey via the internet, capture it with the senses of your own taste buds. That’s what’s most important」, he appealed.

Source: newslounge.net

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team