Nestle’s Limited Period Cafe at Shinjuku, Tokyo Opens with Pepper Serving Guests and Drones Flying

GACKT visits the shop at the Opening Event
Open from 16th to 23rd September 2015

Nestle Japan has opened「NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP Future Cafe」, dubbed the limited time cafe, at Shinjuku, Tokyo’s 「NesCafe Shinjuku」 from 16th September to offer「a chance to experience the future of cafe service」.

To celebrate the launch of the coffee machine「NesCafe Dolce Gusto DROP」, which had a huge emphasis on design, there will be an event involving the use of humanoid robot「Pepper」,drones, and projection mapping, to create a futuristic cafe. It will be open until the 23rd.

NesCafe Shinjuku is a cafe which uses the same coffee machines and is built in the form of a showroom. DROP is a coffee machine which is based off the image of the last drop of coffee falling into a cup, and uses a touch panel with its entirely flat surface. It is a new product in the popular series of「Dolce Gusto」which has cumulative sales of 200 million units worldwide and domestic sales in Japan surpassing 1.6 million units.

The Future Cafe, which opens from 15 September for a limited period, is set up in celebration of the launch. In addition to the normal cafe, the inside of the shop will have multiple units of DROP displayed, and visitors may choose their capsules, use DROP, and enjoy their coffee.

Usually,「Pepper」will be serving customers at NesCafe Shinjuku, deducing a customer’s favourite coffee with a series of questions, giving explanations, and more. For the Future Cafe, above what it already does, there will also be a drone in the shape of DROP flying around in the shop. The Touch&Try Corner will make use of projection mapping, and a robot that looks like DROP(?)will co-star with DROP. It aims to emulate what a futuristic cafe would be like.

With regards about DROP, Kensuke Otani, manager of Nestle’s Beverage and Coffee System Business Department said 「I would like to end its conventional placement in a sorry corner of the kitchen. With this machine that spearheads into the future」. The Future Cafe, is built with the idea of a futuristic cafe which uses the 「much spoken about but never seen before in real life」 drones and Pepper.

At the opening event, artiste GACKT, 「the man who knows the difference」, made an appearance. GACKT-san, who said 「Just 5 years ago I couldn’t drink coffee」, has recently become particular about coffee to the point where he grinds his own coffee beans However, with the recent advances in coffee machines, compared to coffee that he makes himself, he said 「If you’re asking me which tastes better, I’ve come to decide that this (coffee machine) tastes better」.

GACKT-san tried the DROP, he praised not only the taste, but also said 「Regardless, the aroma is good」. With regards to the design as well, comparing with conventional electronics 「There are many products which lack design sense as they appear mechanical and cold」 he said. He showed his liking for it when he mentioned that a product that can be decoratively incorporated as part of a home’s interior has finally been made, and he said 「Designs like these are great」.

Also, there was the announcement of GACKT-san’s and Nestle Japan’s upcoming activities included in a comprehensive agreement. Activities to be implemented by the two parties include the following: GACKT-san will be acting in 「Odoru Dai SendenKaigi Season 2」 which is scheduled for release in October, in late November he will be releasing a music video and image song for DROP, a campaign in March 2016 which comprises of a free download of one of GACKT’s songs from his new album only for Nestle Members through Nestle Amuse, and sponsorship for the nationwide tour starting in the same month.

The Future Cafe will be open from 16 September to 23 September and will be open daily except for the 19th. It will operate from 11am to 6pm, with Touch&Try Projection Mapping in play every 30 minutes. From 6pm to 9pm, the regular cafe will be in business. It is located at Tokyo City’s Shibuya Ward, Jingumae 1-22-8.

In addition, until the 23rd, the capsules for 「Iced Cappucino」 (available for sale for a limited time only) and 「Uji Matcha」 (available for sale for a limited time at Hokkaido only) can be used.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team