Nestle Presents GACKT’s Game!?「Ga-Me Centre is Back!」Starts Today!!

Last July, GACKT’s Game「Ga-Me Centre」started.
In response to everyone’s requests, we have decided to continue broadcasting!!

The title has been renamed as
Nestle Presents GACKT’s Game!?「Ga-Me Centre is Back!」

Broadcasting starts from today, 1 September!!
For 365 days, it will be uploaded daily at 19:00!! (Only today, will be at 16:00〜)
We will deliver to you GACKT’s game play!

from the games that have been played in previous months, the uncut versions of the more interesting games
will be released on the Nestle Official Site in a new program「Ura-Centre!」
Look forward to it too!!!

This time, for the first-time viewers as well, please do catch it here!!
【Nestle Presents GACKT’s Game!?「Game Centre is Back!」】
Broadcast date:For 1 year from 1 September (Only the first episode is delivered at 16:00)
Broadcast time:19:00
Broadcast platform:YouTube Nestle Japan Official Channel


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team