《Nestle presents GACKT na Game!? “The returning GA-ME-SENTERU!” 」》
What !!!
It has come back !!! Game Center!!!!
It is already one year since the start which took place on July last year…The delivery starts once again!!!
The new title: Nestle presents GACKT na Game!? “The returning GA-ME-SENTERU!”
Applause !!!!
Pachi Pachi Pachi Pachi ····· ♪
With that said, the broadcast which started last year is very popular !!
We have decided to deliver from today, September 1st, in order to meet everyone’s requests!!!
365 days, every day at 7:00 p.m. !! (The first day, this day only as of 16:00 )
Delivery of live videos of game played by GACKT ☆
Furthermore !!
One uncut version of an interesting game taken from the games attended during the previous month.
Please also enjoy the new project entitled “Ura ENTERU! ” which will be presented to the public at the Nestle official website!!!
Here are the matters drawn to your attention☆
Please everyone, including those who just got to hear about it, feel free this time to take a look from here!!
[Nestle presents GACKT na Game!? “The returning GA-ME-SENTERU!” 」!”]
Date of Delivery: Every day for one year starting from September 1st, 2015.
Time of delivery: 7:00 p.m. (for the first day only, from 16:00)
Place of delivery: YouTube Nestle Japan official channel

Source: GACKT Official Facebook