GACKT’s press conference on the 90th Kenshin Festival “I could consider Joetsu as my adoptive hometown!” Appearance to next year’s festival?!


In the historical center of Kasugayama (Joetsu city) the 90th edition of the Kenshin Festival has been held on the 22nd and 23rd of August. For the 7th time, third year in a row, GACKT has participated in the re-enactment of the Kawanakashima battle, held on the 23rd of August, he had the honor to portrait General Kenshin again. Furthermore, there was a boost of about 24 thousand people in the audience at the event! On the side of the roads along the Sanroku line, in the center of Kasugayama where the re-enactment of the Kawanakashima battle has been held, millions of fans from around the nation came to see Kenshin GACKT. The day of the parade, August 22nd, GACKT has met with the authorities, the mayor and the press, that asked him some questions regarding the Kenshin festival and a possible appearance next year!

Question 1) How do you feel to have faced this event for 7 times in a row?

GACKT) I remember one time during the rehearsals I fell from the horse due to the rain, fortunately I didn’t got hurt! This accidents happen to me once every five years or so, and since it happened just a few before the event I was scared not to be able to attend the festival! After I feel, obviously I wasn’t happy, and many people told me that I had to stop, but, since I didn’t thing so I started to run on the horse as if nothing happened, sure of the good result of the event! Last year I broke my food and in spite of that I still participated, so since I didn’t get hurt this year, I’m sure my fans will see a GACKT in wonderful shape!

Question 2) This year we arrived at the 90th edition. What are your impressions on the past editions?

GACKT) As usual every year this festival is planned in very hot summer days, but surprisingly this year they said it rained, and because of this weather change tomorrow will probably be a cool day! This relieves me! In the past editions people attending have increased till this 90th edition, at the 91st one maybe there will be 30 thousands, maybe 40 thousand people will attend this event so to create a magnificent festival. This will be my main goal for the next editions! I think this is a festival that can give joy to adults and kids living in a Japan with no strength. I wis for all Joetsu city’s people to participate next year, including the ones who decided not to attend this event. The Kenshin festival has a great potential for development. I don’t know how true this dream can be but I’m sure it will happen! This festival becomes more and more popular among people every year, so new tricks will be added to one of the festivals that represent Japan the most already from next year, and I think that we can make it also thanks to the collaboration of this city and the private industries. If Joetsu’s citizens allow me, I’d want to play this role until the city will stand.

Question 3) On March the 3rd of this year the works for the Shinkansen Hokoriku line have opened, and this city was very happy about it! What do you think about this GACKT?

GACKT) Well, there aren’t so many beautiful cities as this one! There are many people who don’t know Joetsu’s beauty, they should come here and see this festival to take it in completely. The first time I set foot in this city, I was caught by the architecture, who was unchanged since centuries and many places where it’s possible to embrace history and feel a connection with it thanks to this city. Since they promised me to participate to this event till the  Shinkansen line won’t open, I’d want you to give your best to make this festival even bigger so that in 5,10 years it can become very important and make Joetsu city very important too. However this musst not be the only goal, the most important thing is not to make the city important but to keep this event going and try to keep as many trations as we can intact. In this last period Japan has been living a moment of modernization, destroying and deleting all the typical aspects of our cities. We should try to defend these places, because the beauty of this places can’t be found just by watching a movie or a documentary on tv, but it should be felt with our own body. Every time I come back to this city, many Joetsu’s citizens tell me “Welcome back”, making me feel all their warmth, so that I can consider Joetsu as my second hometown! The warmth of the people is added to the warmth that this place has, creating a perfect harmony! I don’t want these feelings to be felt only by me, but from all Japan’s people!

Source: J-times

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team