In Kasugayama’s downtown (Joetsu City) the 9oth Kenshin Festival edition was held on 22th and 23th August. In the Kawanakashima’s battle representation, on  23th August, GACKT has partecipated fot the seventh time in 3 years in a row, he had again the honour to play the role of the general Kenshin. Furthemore, compared to the last year edition, there was an increase of about 24,000 spectators at the event! On the sides of the roads along the Sanroku’s line, in the historic center of Kasugayama where there was the representation of the Kawanakashima’s Battle, millions of fans arrived from different parts of the country with the intent to see Kenshin GACKT. We also tried to ask the opinions of the viewers about the Kenshin GACKT’s appeal and the Kenshin Festival!

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The impact was very strong! The feeling of being able to see with my own eyes the general Kenshin. I finally understand the enthusiasm of GACKT for this event. he doesn’t do it only for our Joetsu City, but also to make known to the whole country this fantastic festival. (Man of 52 years of Niigata)

I come here every year to see this event. Everytime when I see GACKT, I have the impression that he would say “Thank you so much Joetsu”. Compared to last year people are really risen! What can I say, I hope that next year GACKT will be here again! (Woman about 30 years old from Ibaraki City, Koga Prefecture)

It was really cool being able to see this event up close! I wanted to come last year too but I couldn’t because of the distance of the event. But from this year I hope to come more often. And I’m going to see again the representation of the Kawanakashima’s battle! (Boy 18 years old from Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture)

This for me was the second time, the figure of GACKT riding that horse is really beautiful. I think I’ll come back to the Kenshin Festival even if GACKT won’t participate again. (Woman from Matsumoto City, Nagano prefecture)

This is the seventh time in a row that GACKT participate in this event. I really appreciate it, however, every year the songs and costumes change! If GACKT will partecipate again next year, I will come here too! (Woman from Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture)

This is the fourth time for me and I must say that this year GACKT was fantastic! They given me a front row seat, I was helped by people in order to get to Joetsu City, I can say that in this city, you can feel a very special warmth! (Woman of 28 years old from Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture .)

It’s the first time I come to this place. People are great, they were sitting on the ground beside the road although they couldn’t see anything! From the street, however, it was still possible to warn that the figure on the horseback, was a figure very brave! I was surprised by GACKT’s face, I did’t expect it so small! (Female 50 years old from Joetsu City)

I come here every year and I must say, the festival is always full of changes! I think this is the last year that we will see here GACKT to play Kenshin even if he brings many viewers to follow the festival. Who will be the next to play the general Kenshin? (Man of 58 years from Joetsu City, Teramachi)

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Translation: GACKT Italia Team

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