This weekend, GACKT Kenshin will finally head out for the Kenshin Festival!
23 Aug (Sun)
15:00~ Kick-Off procession
18:00~ Re-Enactment of the Kawanakajima Battle
With regards to the Procession amd the Re-Enactment, he will lead the Uesugi Army as Lord Kenshin.

For this year’s Kenshin Fest’s Kick-Off Procession and Kawanakajima Battle Re-Enactment, we will reveal the 46th single [ARROW] which will be released on 7 October!
Also, at the very end of the Re-Enactment, there will be a fireworks display going up to the song [ARROW].

For more details about this festival please check out the official site below.

You may also view and download the pamphlet via the site.


– Instead of [GACKT], let’s call out [Oyakata sama~!]!
– For the kick-off procession, he will be going back and forth twice. As it is very dangerous to run around the venue, please refrain from doing that.
– Please do not take and bring home the flags or display items from the festival
– Please remove your garbage with you when you leave the area.
– Please consider that this festival is not only for GACKT, and please refrain from actions that will disturb fellow audiences.
– As there are measures against heatstroke being taken, please take care of your own physical condition as well.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team