While the 90th Kenshin Festival is being held, there will be a sale of guest GACKT-san’s official goods.
Information about the goods can be found here: LINK

・22 Aug(Sat) 10:30~17:00
・23 Aug(Sun) 9:00~16:30
※On both days, it will be held in line with the timing for「Dai Bussan-shi in Kenshin Festival」.
◆Sales location
Joetsu City Hall Kasugano Car Park(Dai Bussan-shi in Kenshin Festival venue)

◆For more information
GACKT Goods Joetsu Executive Office
TEL.025-521-2627(Weekdays 10:00~17:00)

Source: Joetsu-Kanko.net

Transaltion: GACKT ITALIA Team