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【Delivered thrice a month】

Some how…
in 2015,
on 4 July,
I have survived
the birthday party from hell.



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These few days,
because I haven’t been able to sleep at all,
I thought that if I collapsed halfway
this tequila birthday party from hell
might be my last… but
it would seem like this will repeat itself next year too.


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One, after another,
I’m honestly to happy be able to
add another year without incident this year.

The business community, the entertainment industry, regardless of occupation,
to my many business associates,
to my many close friends who rushed for me too,
I would like to sincerely thank them.

And to all the LOVERS
who still celebrate GACKT,
I would like to convey my thanks and love from the bottom of my heart.

I’m not good with words but…
I really,
thank you.


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One, after another,
because it’s this season,
many things suddenly crossed my mind.

isn’t just about always doing well.
If I were to make a comparison, life is like surfing.

There are people who have peaks and valleys in their life but,
I don’t think that life dips down.
like surfing you’re always on the waves
preparing to ride the coming wave,
and the challenge is to find a big wave.
While looking for that, you ride the small waves.


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What techniques are used by
surfers who can ride big waves?

These guys
don’t just wait patiently for the next wave offshore.
Instead, guys like that
even if they managed to find a big wave
they will be swallowed by that wave, and that will be the end.

First of all is to go out to sea.
This, in relation to life, would mean to start moving.
Before thinking about this and that
first you have to move and try getting into the sea,
and challenge yourself without being afraid of failure.

after awhile, you’ll realise.
When you look from the shore,
although the surfers floating on the sea
look like they’re amazing,
but in actuality most of them aren’t that great.


Just that, if there are people floating around,
there are even more people swimming.
Unless you made a move you wouldn’t have seen it.

And once you start swimming,
it is, in short, tiring.
At the start, you paddle and paddle but you can’t move forward.

There are many people who give up here.
That too, is life.

Once you get past that,
before you even realise it yourself
you’ve become good at paddling.

Then, when you try standing on your board
you fall so easily into the sea that it seems like a joke.

This too, is life.

When other people do it it looks easy but,
when you try it you’ll realise that you can’t manage it at all.


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But even so, without giving up,
it is also a point to lower your pride
and ask how to get better at it.
By watching and imitating, in other worlds to copy someone, is also another point.

It doesn’t matter which road you use.
The bottom line is,
to 【never give up】.
To be committed…
In other words, to be devoted and continue on.

When you look back at that,
you will start to notice differences in the waves.
You start to be able to see the breaks in the waves.

This too, is life.

In fact, most people do not realise
that in everything
you can find similar flows
where minute differences exist.

when you become aware of that point,
from trivial accidents, you become able to find things that you can use to protect yourself with.

Then, again, you have to be aware.
There are guys who think that they’re good at riding the waves,
simply ignore others,
selfishly ride the waves round and round,
and never get to progress.

This too, is life.


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Important times, places, friends,
if are given the leeway to have many opportunities to share,
if you can can see the gaps between those points,
the number of people you can call friends will naturally increase.

when you become someone who can increase your circle of friends,
you will naturally be able to call out to strangers who are swimming with all their life too.「Hang in there!」
「Don’t give up!」
「You’ll be fine!」

This too, is life.

Its not about who’s on top or below.
What’s important is that the you who can call out to others exists.

Then, again, you have to be aware.
Although your body strength won’t necessarily go up after riding for years,
you’re riding the waves well.


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To be able to achieve balance,
you have to get to the point
where without using excess strength, you can naturally stand up.

To get that far,
【keep on moving】
【don’t give up】
These basic things are the minimum requirements
that you have to instinctively understand without saying anything.
And, be aware that the result of doing small things over and over again,
is being able to become the you in that moment of time.

From here
whether to challenge and even bigger wave or not,
is up to you.

This too, is exactly what life is.


all the things around you,
all the people you surround yourself with,
the friends who were involved in it with you
to be able to give a big thank you to them,
this too, is【life】.

The smallest unit for a human is not 1.
Though indeed when you were born
and maybe when you die you will be alone.

However, for humans to survive
they have to create a life where at least 2 or more people are connected together.

Although it may not always be a case of “the more the merrier”,
even if you have too many, it isn’t a problem.

more than the numbers, to those many people
how much do you convey your thankfulness to them,
that to me is the most important thing.


GACKT, 42 years old.
By the time I realise it I’m already at this age.

While laying my hand on the grave of a deceased friend
I let him know that
this year too, I was helped by many people and worked hard too.

By the time I realise it,
it’s already been 17 years…

It went by in a flash.
But, instead of looking back with a sigh,
didn’t I still leave behind something big.

I’m still doing it.
Something even bigger.
Watch me.

Well then,
I’ll come visit again.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is『Mr. YOUR FRIEND』

Recently smiles have been coming out naturally for me,
my brother.



My voice can be heard
on GACKT Blomaga so,
those who want to read it all, check out the Blomaga

※This article is an excerpt from the “GACKT’s Trashy Stories” corner in the Blomaga.

【Delivered thrice a month】

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