“Yaーsashiーiーeーgaーoーde〜〜〜・・・♪♫“ (Love Letter)


Oh~, it’s you, what’s up???

“Why are you alive? Isn’t it strange?”
… you say…

What are you trying to say
calling me out of the blue like that??

“At yesterday’s birthday party
you opened bottles of tequila like mad right?”
… you say…


At just last night’s BD party
we easily opened 200 bottles of tequila right?
Honestly, at the end I couldn’t even count.
Just for me alone I downed 150 cups…

“Why, after that, are you still alive?”
… you ask…

Hey you! Don’t underestimate Okinawans!!!
When it comes to alcohol
Okinawans will never lose!!!


Anyway, hey you,
did you call just to say that?

“You said that you’re extremely busy until your birthday
so you’ll call me the next day”
… you say…

Sry sry…

“So, were you really busy?
What on earth did you do this week???”
… you say……

Hey you,
do you really want to hear everything about this week from the top?
It’s a really long story but,
is that alright with you?

Well, I’m fine either way though.
This time I’ll give tell you special a rough outline
about what happened in this dark week I guess…
This time it’s special alright?
Or rather I should say,
it’s going to be really long alright?


blomaga102-7luglio-03 blomaga102-7luglio-04

When I arrived in Japan it was already night so
I went home as it is
and then headed for Chiba
because there was a shoot for the AQUOS commercial.


blomaga102-7luglio-05 blomaga102-7luglio-06

Because the shoot this time requires a horse,
after I was done with make-up
I thought to head to the riding grounds to warm-up
before starting the shoot…

The horse was happy, really.

“Isn’t the horse dangerous?”
… you ask…

If you mess around it’s really dangerous.
At the risk of death.


Well, if you’re talking about dangerous,
it’s a living thing that runs at that kind of speed,
and its different from a bike or car
that can’t be turned if the handling breaks off,
even if I wanted to right
there are times when it goes left.
There are also times when it suddenly gets violent.
There are also times when you can fall to the ground from the horse.
There are also times when you can get stepped on after you fall.


blomaga102-7luglio-08 blomaga102-7luglio-09

If, you get stepped on by a horse
without a doubt it would be instant death.
If you were stepped on by a living thing that weighs close to a ton
you’ll definitely die.

Even so,
there’s isn’t a met attached anyway
if I fell I’d get injured.


blomaga102-7luglio-10 blomaga102-7luglio-11

It’s making a cute expression though.
Each one of them have such different personalities.
Making such a cute expression, this is so intense!!!!
…. there are occurrences like that too.

Well, it’s the same with women.

“Am I intense too??”
… you ask…

Hm… so-so I guess.
If you’re comparing with that horse’s intensity
it’s probably nothing great.


But to practice and repeat training
with those horses,
disciplining them, then having yourself in the saddle
and continuing until you achieve control
you have to work to the end with each other.

That’s why,
horse riding is fun.


blomaga102-7luglio-13 blomaga102-7luglio-14 blomaga102-7luglio-15

Galloping along the seaside on a horse really feels good.
Because its something you rarely get to do.

During the intervals of the shoot
that’s what I felt while checking the manuscript,
and while working on the new song.


There are many ways to make use of waiting time.
only during the waiting times can you do your other work.

Again, I was soon called back to shooting.
This repeated itself a number of times in one day.


blomaga102-7luglio-17 blomaga102-7luglio-18 blomaga102-7luglio-19 blomaga102-7luglio-20 blomaga102-7luglio-21

After we were done shooting with the horses
next I returned to Tokyo for yet another shoot.

By the time I finished the shoots for the day
it’s already night.

It was a pretty long shoot.
But, unless they took what they could
I wouldn’t have made it.


blomaga102-7luglio-22 blomaga102-7luglio-23 blomaga102-7luglio-24 blomaga102-7luglio-25

The next day started from morning again.
I started doing voice-overs for a game.

“What’s a voice-over?”
… you ask…

It’s a voice recording that’s used for dubbing.
It’s the job that breathes voices into anime and games.
In my case it’s recently more geared towards games.


blomaga102-7luglio-26 blomaga102-7luglio-27

This time,
I’ve been asked to voice
Dragon Nest’s Velsklud again so
that’s why there’s this recording session.

“Do you do the voice-over alone?”
… you ask…

That’s quite an astute question.
There are times where you do it on your own,
but there are instances when the whole cast does it together.

This time it’s just me alone doing the recording.
Mine is the earliest recording so
I’m doing the recording without anyone else’s voice in it
and I have to do it
while imagining that I’m talking to someone else.


blomaga102-7luglio-28 blomaga102-7luglio-29

voice recording is my favourite field so
no matter what the circumstance,
I can enjoy myself.

This could be my favourite job.
Because I can deliver the charm of my voice best.

What I like the most
is a job that breathes live into different characters.

Because without a voice,
it’s really just a picture.

“Does it take a lot of time?”
… you ask…

Nope, in my case it’s quite fast.
There’s almost no need for re-recording.


blomaga102-7luglio-30 blomaga102-7luglio-31

I’d say, maybe it’s better if I liven myself up a bit… or,
maybe here I should be more emotional to get more balance… or,
in the middle of recording I compare what we have so far
and think, as expected this one’s probably better… and make a suggestion.
There are times when I look to improve myself.

During those times,
because they have to do re-recording in sections,
in the basis of work it is tedious but
as I want to leave something good even if just a little
so I don’t mind taking the time at all.


blomaga102-7luglio-32 blomaga102-7luglio-33

Well, even if I do that
I guess I will still finish quite quickly.

After the recording ended,
there was a commentary shoot and such.

“Not just your voice?”
… you ask…

In my case,
because I’m often also collaborating in the advertising
it’s common for me to shoot a video too.


blomaga102-7luglio-34 blomaga102-7luglio-35 blomaga102-7luglio-36

So, after that shoot ended
I headed to the salon.
Because I have to fix my hair but haven’t been there.

“Did you make it gold?”
… you ask…

I went back to black but I had gold coloured hair.
It finally grew out too.
Recently I’ve been working hard
and aiming to look like a guy who suits black hair.


if length at some in-between point
there was a period of time where no matter what I did it was weird.
It finally grew out a little and looks somewhat decent…

My fringe finally grew out too.

So, after my haircut,
I headed to yet another site.
On that day was NicoLive’s
3-hours special broadcast.

blomaga102-7luglio-38 blomaga102-7luglio-39 blomaga102-7luglio-40

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team