Artist Official Smartphone Case Site [Artist Cover]’s line up with featuring Gakucchi has arrived!

In the Artist Official Smartphone Case e-commerce site [ARTIST COVER],
it has been confirmed that the popular [Gakucchi Jacket] from 『GACKT★Underland』will be going on sale.

Starting from 4 July 2015, there will be a new [Gakucchi Jacket] smartphone design appearing!
『GACKT★Underland』’s popular 「Gakucchi Jacket」’s smartphone case sales has phase 2, phase 3… and will be downloadable until the 3rd of the next month! As they will be unavailable for download once the new smartphone cases as are released, do make sure you get them as soon as possible♪

Its a wonderful customisation for your smartphone cases♪(『GACKT★Underland』has a monthly membership service fee of 324 yen (including tax).)

Phase 1 has the 3 designs「Mizerable」,「Vanilla」and「Mirror」.
Do check out the URL below soon!

Price:3,240 yen(including tax)
For iPhone6/iPhone6+/Xperia Z3 3,456 yen(including tax)
※There will be additional delivery charges.

Compatible phones:iPhone4S/iPhone5/iPhone5S/iPhone6/iPhone6+/GALAXY S4/GALAXY S5/Xperia Z3

Phase 2 is scheduled to be released on 4 August. Stay tuned!

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