GACKT ‘s 42nd Birthday Party Official Goods via the sales site

On the July 4th GACKT’s 42nd BIRTHDAY PARTY was held and we are accepting
pre-orders for GACKT’s 42nd BIRTHDAY PARTY official goods.
「Art Wall Clock」,「Coaster」, and other popular goods are becoming out of stock,
and the sales will end when it happens. For those who didn’t come at the venue, by all means do have a look!!
GACKT’s 42nd BIRTHDAY PARTY Official Goods
■Dedicated sales site:

【With regards to change of delivery date】
It was scheduled that deliveries will begin from 30 July but,
we will be pushing the date forward!
Expected delivery:25 July 2015 onwards

Customers who have already placed their orders may expect delivery by mid July,
so please be prepared to receive your goods.
※After confirming your orders, please understand that cancellations are not allowed.
※Please take note to review your purchase orders as changes are not allowed upon confirmation of orders.
※After placing your order, if you need to change your delivery address, please contact us via the Inquiry Form before 20 July.
※If you’re using the future phone(flip phones)site, the only option for settlement of payment is by cash on delivery.
※Delivery of goods is expected to take place from 30 July.

With regards to GACKT’s 42nd BIRTHDAY PARTY Official Goods
Contact for inquiries : GACKT Goods Office
TEL 052-979-6500
Working hours :Weekdays 10:00〜17:00(excluding weekends and public holidays)
For inquiries via e-mail(Inquiry form on the sales site)


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team