GACKT reveals the current conditions of the modern music industry “This is a moment that will go on till the death”

The solo artist GACKT, after reaching the 15th Anniversary, will start the sales of the new remix album『GACKTRACKS-ULTRA DJ ReMIX-』.This time, GACKT accepted an interview with ORICON STYLE and talked about the current modern music industry’s situation, about how to put the media’s insults aside, and in the end, about loneliness and how you can get a more peaceful and vibrant point of view.

◆「Rock」is a way of life, it can’t be controlled by anyone.

――What were the demands you made to the DJs regarding this project??

【GACKT】I’ve been asked several times but no, I had absolutely no demands. For this reason, I made sure DJs could choose lyrics and songs all by themselves. So I just asked that each of them would put part of their identity in it. If they had used my voice only, that same atmosphere wouldn’t be created, maybe it was better like that… Once I heard the finished work I realized it wasn’t a mistake to leave also my original voice, since we couldn’t go without it.

――And what would happen if it won’t convince?

【GACKT】If it would be unsuccessful at the end, I would close the album distribution. Cause it’s not something I’m doing for me and for the DJs, but I’m doing it for all the people listening to me. If I was about to release a product that wouldn’t satisfy anybody for its quality, nobody will buy it. If it were to be released anyway, it wouldn’t have my name for sure. I think that also the DJs can understand that, music is not something done just for selling right? If we base on the need to sell their own albums, the music will end up to be a failure. Today, unfortunately we are noticing this phenomenon more and more.

-GACKT, there have been many “monetary issues” during these 15 years?

【GACKT】It’s right. I’ve always thought of having to make a line of sales but I never did. For this reason every time they asked me to do that, I’ve always turned over the question. Anyway in any case, I kept on going on my way, so writing songs that just I could sing. Why should I sing just when my fans can listen to me? Business should be due to end in 3 or 4 years but since rock is a style of life, the more I do it the more I want to do it. For this reason I have no intention to end this lifestyle within 3 or 4 years, but I don’t wan’t to be controlled by anyone either. This is the belief that I created for myself so far, during these 15 years as GACKT.

◆The one who wrote that criticism should have a very low level of understanding!

――Thanks to your prowess and methodology you have been able to build an unique position for yourself

【GACKT】But lately, in the worldwide news articles with titles similar to 「How come that GACKT, even if he’s not able to sell cd, is able to have such a way of life? 」are starting to cross. After seeing it, I understood that the one writing it had to have a very low level of understanding. Musician’s life is not about just selling CDs. In order to improve the CDs selling, you need to go around to shake hands around is something IDOLish. CD releasing is collapsed from when iTunes was developed, artists going on selling CD and only this, for sure they have to be able to overcome difficult moments until reaching extinction. From the moment I understood this thing, I decided to create a new musical style, to live better. I’d want to tell people of the world, that maybe have not realized that yet, that the real profit is not the concert’s or live’s one , but it’s something else.

――What do you think it was the reason which led you to a so great success and to get your own style, GACKT?

【GACKT】Since anyone is having their own mind, I have to say I have not a precise idea about how GACKT was able to achieve this success. But I have to say basically that I’m earning a lot of money in my life. I’d want to say that anyway you shouldn’t definitely use a public figure as their own alter-ego . Cause of that every time I had some difficulty I have never used GACKT’s ways. Actually this identity brought another result to this, meaning the understanding that I can have a profit also from other things. These are the reasons why I decided to go on having GACKT’s style so far.

◆If I wasn’t born into the rock, I wouldn’t have to create GACKT (ahahah)

――GACKT, this style of yours has become highly sought, your fans go crazy with it too! Yesterday your racial discrimination’s experience in that Parisian Coffee was still mentioned. There were comments from all over the world, so, what’s your opinion about it?

【GACKT】I don’t care too much about what’s wrong and what’s good with my climate in the world and how I’m considered. I just live according to my criteria, when people will look back at last within 50 or 100 years , and they will understand how much they entertained this guy, it will be sure a good thing. About myself, I never thought that I made a mistake. But I didn’t say that’s 100% sure.

――To avoid mistakes you must: believe, and to appreciate diversity is correct. Uhm, what do you mean?

【GACKT】Well, according to myself I think that if you don’t want to go wrong, you should be firmly sure about something. I don’t think we should live dealing with different world’s values. In fact, it would be selfish. Honestly, I think that who is like that, he should feel very strong. Maybe media attacked me cause I’m a weak person? But anyway, well done. I wonder, if I made a mistake in the past, why they didn’t make me disappear? (ahahah) In addition, since they couldn’t point the finger against other musicians, against what you could do it? If I was forced to live like everyone is doing in some kind of prison, closed behind a lock, I would stop being a musician for sure, this is not rock at all! This reminds me of past moments, when I go back to the question「What’s rock? 」, I tended to answer 「Rock, it’s me!」.. Right?

――Of course I think that it expresses real musicians’ way of life very well..

【GACKT】What I should say, if I wasn’t born into the rock, I wouldn’t create GACKT. From today on I’m willing to enter the worldwide’s field of view, so I’m not living in Japan currently. For this reason, when I look at Japan from outside, I notice the damage received from the isolation period. Also, cause of that, everyone is trying to leave that country no matter what. I thought of going overseas first of all as a Japanese for this reason, but now, I moved away from my country. Anyway it’s not an easy situation. If I should be in Japan, I wouldn’t be able to earn money for sure. But I chose a way maybe too difficult for me, but this is my lifestyle after all.




Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team