HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS! It was a veeeeeeeery busy and interesting week, with a lot of news! So, if you missed something about GACKT here’s GACKT ITALIA Staff Blog with the weekly recap. Are you ready? ENJOY~~~ Let’s start with GACKT x Nestle Game Center videos serie:

GACKT X Nestle Game Center #340

The one we subbed for you all:

GACKT x Nestle #219 - Super Mario Brothers. U - February 4th - sub eng  GACKT x Nestle #219 - Super Mario Brothers. U - 4 Febbraio - sub ita

Some official news:

…and a lot of Facebook updates with wonderful news about the GACKTracks CD:


A P.S. I LOVE U GACKTapp facebook update:

Aaaaand listen to the wonderful GACKTracks remixes preview:


On the 5th GACKT attended at Kobe Film Festival playing Get Bass! Read all the news about it and enjoy the videos:

331534_615 CGs6HrJUAAAyviV.jpg-large

What about this wonderful new CM? Did you see it? I think it’s one of the most beautiful GACKT’s cm I’ve ever seen. What about you?


Cinemacafe-08 009_size6

GACKT went in Malaysia to watch Yuki Kimisawa’s stage play Naruto:

TRANSLATION YUKI KIMISAWA Twitter - June 1st 2015 TRADUZIONE YUKI KIMISAWA Twitter - 1 giugno 2015

Blog and Blomaga’s translation:

Blog-05Giu15-27 Blog-05Giu15-18

We have two old Facebook status about GACKT with Kohzoh Takaoka:


That’s all for today! See you next Sunday! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK WITH GACKT AND GACKT ITALIA!!! Stay tuned! Kisu~