Thus far, we know that singer GACKT-san will be appearing in Director Motohiro Katsuyukik’s short movie「Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about) Season 2」. GACKT-san said「I am honoured to be starring in Director Motohiro’s work」and enthusiastically added「(For me, who speaks slowly) I’m a little concerned about being involved in such a speedily unfolding production but, my appearance in this movie will make it more interesting」.

The series of 「Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about)」is a short movie that is released on Nestle Japan’s expanding media「Nestle Theatre on YouTube」, which drew attention for vividly portraying the production site of the advertising industry. In season 1, it starred Renbutsu Misako, Yamada Yuki, and Masu Takeshi, and crossed the mark of a cumulative 3,000,000 views.

GACKT-san’s involvement was announced during the「2015 Kobe Sannomiya Film Festival 」’s 「Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about) Season 2 Production Press Conference」on the 5th. GACKT-san commented「The attraction of short movies is that you can watch it anywhere and any time you like. Delivery via Youtube is a way that allows people all over the world to watch the same work in the same method and should be focused on in future, as a way to watch movies」.

Director Motohiro who attended the conference, commented「I’ll leave it to your imagination to think about how GACKT will fit into this」. Nestle Japan’s CEO Takaoka Kozo too, expressed his hopes「This work will be delivered to the world vie YouTube. As this is a tag team work between Director Motohiro and GACKT, I am very much looking for ward to it」. 「Dance, Cry, Feel, Ad Meeting (about) Season2」is scheduled to be released in September on「Nestle Theatre on YouTube」.

Source: Mantan Web

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team