GACKT, from his fans a loud roar of ‘kawaii’ for his “guwashi cut” Makotochan style

Singer GACKT changed his user pic.

On April the 15th, after 3 months ca. GACKT updated his twitter account. He posted a picture of himself with a new hair-cut that resembles that of the protagonist Makotochan, the most famous manga of Kazuo Umezu.

After seeing that new hair-style, that since it resembles the comic gag in the manga makotochan was renamed ‘Guwashi cut’, from his fans arose a chorus of ‘Kawaii’.

「I did it myself. First they made the right side of my bangs too short, and then the left side too…, so I couldn’t take it anymore and I ended up saying 『I get it, I’ll do it myself!!!』…、and this is what came out…」 said GACKT explaining how he got to have such an hair-style. And, toward a fan he playfully replied 「Since there was nothing else to do I decide to play around with it 。Hair grows back fast!This is what I tell myself everyday」「I’m happy that it makes you laugh! But I still get a shock every time I look my reflection in the mirror」

At a fan that told him 「For a moment I thought I was looking at Kenichi Mikawa」 he replied with self-irony 「hey, hey, don’t say things like this. It’s rude for Mr Mikawa! This is just the result of my failure! This is just a ‘Guwashi cut’」.

And more, when someone requested 「Make your user pic become ‘guwashi’ too」 he said 「Then, if ‘guwashi’ can enter the trands, I’ll use it as user pic…」. And incredibly on twitter words like [GACKT] [GACKT Guwashi] entered the trands . ‘I can’t believe it~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok, fine、as promised, I’ll change my user pic for a limited period of time.. 。Damn~!!!!」 he wrote really disappointed, and now, as announce his twitter image has been changed.

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Source: Modelpress

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team