1. It’s been awhile. How’s everyone? I just finished updating the blomaga so maybe I’ll answer your tweets. Hm… Which…?
  2. (Retweet ik08040: GACKT saaaaaaaaaannnnn! ) Hey you, isn’t your reply too early?
  3. (Retweet Hylbc: Long time no see! The kiddy hair style is cute!) Don’t call me a kid!!!
  4. (Retweet ue623: GACKT-san!! Work doesn’t end!) It’s the same for me. It never ends… But its been awhile so I’ll wind the bobbin up with everyone… (reference to nursery rhyme)
  5. (Retweet Bsprit_rou: It’s been awhile. What have you been doing recently?) I’ve been working overseas. Well, though I’m not running around hectically… I keep getting affected by the jet lag. In recent days I’ve finally recovered.
  6. (Retweet 0711Gaku: GACKT-san, you’ve finally come back to Japan♪ Welcome back~ (*≧∀≦*) I’m really happy♪♪ And, GACKT-san with the Guwashi haircut is cute www(lol) ) Hm…, openly rejoice… simply put nothing bad will happen so I just played around a bit. Well, at such times you can only play right? If it’s hair it will grow after awhile!!!…that’s what I tell myself every day…CCnPvaPWEAIpI8Y CCnPvd2WMAEmSLD
  7. (Retweet GACKT1005: Gaku-chan Spin-cho (?) is cute but the hairstyle is too weird that… dying from laughter) I’m getting laughed at quite a bit! Even now when I look in the mirror, I still get a shock.
  8. (Retweet god_bless_yu: When I saw the image at a glance I thought it was Mikawa Kenichi.) hey, hey, don’t say that. Isn’t that rude to Mikawa san!!! It’s just my failure!!! Simply a “Guwashi Cut”
  9. (Retweet eli914: oh no (lol) you have this hairstyle now!?) no, I don’t!!!! It’s pretty bad…
  10. (Retweet sheath_chocolat: is today’s PC light? Or heavy?) its so heavy that it’s starting to hang Sent from my iPod
    Well, so as per our agreement, for a limited time I’ll change my DP… Dammit〜!!!!
  11.  (Retweet mitrooooo: GACKT san did you know gorillas throw poop while feinting?)I raise love while feinting…
  12.  (Retweet gorillachinpa : the demon king is replying slow) I’m not slow. This PC is slow. And the ones making it slow, is youuuuu!!!!
  13.  (Retweet KLX_0913: What is a smile to you?) A power that people have to bring out bliss in their surroundings…
  14.  (Retweet yumiiiirin: You look like Tawashi… cuuuuute) I’m not Tawashi! Gu-wa-shi!!CCnSG2VWIAAHgoA.jpg-large
  15.  (Retweet Hh090604: Hold me sometimes GACKT sama)Sometimes… you mean… I held you before???
  16. So, everyone let’s try this today as well!!! Everyone try shouting out together “”GACKTのグワシ!!(GACKT’s Guwashi!!)” !!!
  17. Since I got a hairstyle that makes everyone laugh, I’ll share with you all. Never again will I turn into a mushroom… Suppin + Guwashi…
  18.  (Retweet hassy081027: GACKT san’s influence is pretty strong so that haircut might become a new trend(´^ω^`) No… It won’t become a trend… Maybe… No… Definitely.
  19.  (Retweet LOVERS_1002: It isn’t Guwashi but GACKT-san has entered the trending list~!!) (with pic) No, I don’t need that trend… I said I wanted Guwashi!!!CCnU6bYWIAI5SiD.jpg-large
  20.  (Retweet r5_micha_sid: I’m getting the impression of Mikawa Kenichi-san, as expected of GACKT-san)『No, I-am Scorpio’s Guwashi…♫』
  21.  (Retweet guririnko0322: May I also do a Guwashi? (lol) Good kids should never imitate!!! You’ll start wanting to do weird poses!!!
  22.  (Retweet jie_130930: What will you do if all the LOVERS did the Guwashi cut???) Probably, kneel down and apologise… And say『I have… done something… terribly irreversible!!!!』…
  23.  (Retweet keixkxm: Why did you do the guwashi cut?) Don’t say “do”!!! It “became”!!! Don’t say it as if I liked the Guwashi cut!! This morning when I woke up I was pretty shocked from it as well!!!
  24. Sorry… My PC completely hanged, and I had to reboot it. This is, definitely the curse of the Guwashi…
  25. (Retweet docodon090740: What do you think of making Takumi-kun have a matching Guwashi cut as well? ( ̄▽ ̄)That guy uses a wig so it’s impossible… Ah, I said it…
  26.  (Retweet ruuuno: GACKT-san you Guwashi! Idiot! I don’t know you anymore!)Sorry… I completely don’t understand what you’re saying…
  27.  (Retweet GgnnyyGoroemon: Please change your icon too (lol)Fine… Well if Guwashi gets to trending, I’ll change my icon…
  28.  (Retweet tsuna36: Please get married while sporting a Guwashi cut)No… actually, never.
  29.  (Retweet ivy_to0823: Did you perhaps cut it yourself?)That’s right, I cut it myself. At first, I had them cut the right side of the fringe shorter, then the left side… and while they were doing it I couldn’t take it anymore and said『That’s it, I’ll just do it myself!!!』… and, this is the result…
  30.  (Retweet ZxSA_KE_BEee: Guwashi is trending! Congratulations Guwashi!)Seriously〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well, as promised, for a short while I’ll change my icon… Dammit〜!!!!CCnYuhtWIAA4AYG-1.jpg-large
  31. (Retweet 2kakwig0425: anche l’area intorno a Magnum è Guwashi?) No no, completamente depilata.
  32. (Retweet Gack__love__: Per favore facci vedere una foto del tuo corrente Guwashi!)Immagino di non aver scelta… Realizzerò il desiderio di ognuno… okay?CCna3Y0W4AE8M7b-2.jpg-large
  33. (Retween srhtmn: I’m going to cram school but I won’t go until GACKT replies me. What’re we gonna do (´・_・`) ) hurry up and go! Take care. Guwashi!!!
  34. (Retweet gasui_chami: around when will the LAST VISUALIVE be??) when this Guwashi is looking less Guwashi we’ll start… As expected I can’t do it like this…
  35. (Retweet miopiccoro: as a birthday present please buy me an iPhone charger) The least you can do it buy that yourself!!!
  36. (Retweet ryuichiyabe0219: GACKT-san have you turned into a kappa?!) I ain’t no Kappa!!!
  37. (Retweet usasa_dears: GACKT san isn’t replying me so I can’t go to the toilet…) hurry go release yourself…
  38. (Retweet torayoshiki_TY: It’s too dark to see properly~. One more picture pleaseヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ) no, that’s why, you just have to deal with the darkness… CCncXfOXIAAD0xe-2.jpg-large
  39. (Retweet white_water: I too want to become a man who can ride a lamborghini!) Is that so… Work hard!!! Ah, that’s right… I changed the colour of my lambo. It’s super epic. The world’s only GOLDEN DRAGON EDITION!!! CCnc4U3WgAArKP8-1.jpg-large
  40. (Retweet amxxx89: do you ride a lamborghini with a Guwashi?) the Guwashis in the world are supporting GACKT’s Lamborghini… Actually, Takumi’s just yelling at me.「The rest can be found in GACKT’s Blomaga【OH!! MY!! GACKT!!】 http://ch.nicovideo.jp/gackt/blomaga/ ]. CCneY_CWgAAU_57-1.jpg-large
  41. (Retweet pomaeratine4: you look like Sammo Hung. It’s pretty cool~♥) I’m not Sammo Hung!!!
  42. (Retweet inosisi1222: Is that an Aventador!?) No… Aventa-Guwashi…
  43. (Retweet amin_GandL: what’s the feel of your new song~??(*´-`) ) A super intense one that will barge into your heart. Look forward to it. Don’t wet yourself!
  44. It’s about time, to get back. Well… Let today’s Guwashi pictures be your lucky charm. If anything happens it will definitely rescue you from your sadness… Probably… Alright, I’m going. Remember that 「there is no such thing as an unneeded smile in the world」. With your smiles, make flowers bloom in this rotten world.
  45. See ya!!! Ah! Also, don’t overdo things and get a Guwashi cut!!! It’ll do terrible damage to your heart!!!
  46. (Retweet gacyamo: Ah, you changed it back. (lol) That one was cute though (*´ω`*) ) I got it… I’ll change it back. Bye!!!

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team