Ring ring ring ring~~~
Ring ring ring ring~~~

Oh~, it’s been awhile?
How’re you?

It’s because you don’t call at all… you say?

Right now I ‘m still in New Zealand having a shoot.
Though i think we’re close to wrapping up…


You know… you say

Is that so?
So you know…

You’re reading all my Blomagas?

I see… I didnt know that.

This morning was a mess

What was a mess… you ask?

Well here,
because the air is so dry, before i sleep,
I’ll usually leave hot water out in the shower but,
this shower’s nozzle is spoilt.

The hot water overflowed,
in a room where the bed is dipped in water,
from the ceiling to the walls,
it ended up becoming like the Amazon.


I woke up in this crazy humidity.
It was completely steamed up.

It was a real mess.
The entire room was submerged in water.



It’s not funny… you say?

In such a time, you can only laugh.

When Takumi came to the room,
that guy, straight exclaimed,

“Big bro~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!”



Today’s shoot went smoothly.
Soon, this long shoot will end.

This week we went to various places.


This place makes wine,
and when i see stuff like that it makes me want a farm too…

I don’t need it… you say?

Nono, it’s a romantic fantasy of a man right?
To have a win producing farm,
isn’t that one of the romantic fantasies of a man?

We went to many other places too.
Churches and such.


As this is a really old church,
it’s a rare sight that the whole place is made from wood and preserved as such.

stuff like this is probably another difference in culture i guess.
If we were in Europe this would definitely be made of stone.

Even so, to keep it as it is…


The architecture too is quite interesting
with the way the beams steadily support the ceiling.

If this was Japan,
without a doubt, there will be a pillar for support right in the centre.
Thats the interesting point here.

To make something this wide without a single pillar,
is probably because it’s wooden architecture.
Isn’t it amazing?


Takumi for some reason just kept standing there with his mouth wide open.
Even so.

That guy’s dressing, what can i say about that…
Hey you! Are you charlie chaplin?!
thats the kind of look he came to the shoot in.

Even though I said
to come dressed looking a little more like a rock musician…


After that.
where did i go…

There were really many different places that we visited.
We spent quite a number of hours just visiting various places.


It was a long trip.

Well I guess,
Because its a trip in search of shooting locations.


We even went to the ruins of a hydropower plant.

That being said,
in terms of buildings, there really aren’t much.

By ruins, i meant stuff like that.



Just the shapes of where buildings used to be,
the original buildings arent there anymore.

I don’t know what kind of buildings they were.
Just these mounds are left behind.



In terms of locations,
it was pretty difficult.

It was rather cloudy,
and basically there were many areas that were clouded over.

It’s not that just because the weather’s good
that we can shoot well.

Why am i waiting… you ask?


When the clouds cover the sun
the lighting changes right?
Having to adjust the shutter’s light filtering
time and again
would be endless right?

At the same time, the clouds are moving.
That’s why, we have to wait for clouds to pass then we can shoot.

That’s why, we’re waiting for the clouds to pass.


While waiting for clouds to pass,
that waiting time is really horrible.

Because it doesn’t mean that you can rest.
While waiting for that short period of time, i have to remain posing
and just wait like that
so that’s pretty tough.

This time it’s all outdoors… you ask?

That’s right.
It’s all outdoors.

All outdoors.

Source: OH!! MY!! GACKT!!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team