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The shoot ended without incident.
Right now, i’m writing this on the plane back home.

On the straight flight back,
it’s smaller than I thought and has fewer seats than expected.
It’s the first time in awhile
that i’m travelling long distances on such a small plane.



Next to me, Takumi has fallen asleep from tiredness…
After a few hours we’ll land in Japan so
until then, i figured i might as well do this editor’s note.

The shoot at New Zealand this time
had us spend quite a lot of time travelling around but
it’s a good thing that we came to this country.

After we ended the shoot,
I spent the last 2 days walking around in the streets.


Similar to Canada’s Vancouver
or America’s San Fransisco, the streets are wide.

It’s not bad.
Just that, whatever you want to do, is too expensive to do,
honestly, even the feeling to shop,
no matter where you enter,
it’s honestly just not possible to have fun.

Having said that,
I’m not saying that you can’t do anything at all.

There’s a lot of things you have to do.

In the afternoon, i trained all the way.
Attacking whatever i can,
I got my body back in shape.


To me i dont need rest.
GACKT does not need rest.

Basically not neglecting whatever can be attacked,
being able to be sensitive enough to react to anything,
I sharpened both my body and spirit.

This is what basic is to me.

After training ends,
I went out to the streets to explore.

Blog-8Feb15-05 Blog-8Feb15-06

In this street where everything is expensive,
it’s a street that will be too expensive for any Japanese to visit now.

Honestly, its not that kind of place at all.
Despite that, the prices are definitely above that of Tokyo’s.

I visited a musical instrument store,
had a look in an electronics store too,
and I thought about what if we were to live in this country.

We’re not suited to living in this country.
That’s how we’re like now.

At night, we returned to the hotel and studied.

Blog-8Feb15-07 Blog-8Feb15-08

For about 4 hours,
we threw ourselves into studying English continuously.
By doing stuff like that,
I get to see the consciousness of my staff.

Although we’re always going overseas frequently,
if there are staff who still can’t speak a word of English, they
honestly can’t be of use to me.

That’s why, i intend to continue having study sessions like these with them,
until their level of proficiency has been raised enough.


It’s a common saying but,
there are many guys who do something half way then give up with the
excuse that thay have no time.

It’s about making time.
Even if it seems impossible, you make time for it.

You can reduce the amount of time you sleep.
You can reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV.
You can reduce the amount of time you eat.
You can stop sitting around doing nothing.

It’s a simple thing.

If you do that,
everyday you can create more enriching experiences.


If you focus on one thing at a time,
you’ll start to realise
how much time you really devote to yourself.

We all have a limited amount of time given to us.
It is really limited.

Using that,
right now, what you cannot feel is
how much time you’re wasting.


No matter how small an amount of time,
do something that makes you feel blessed.

Because that will be time well spent.

“Spend time wisely”

This is the GACKT way of life.

No matter what,
our work at New Zealand ended without a hitch,

at the very end of my time at New Zealand, I met a great guy.
By some freak coincidence, we got along,
and when I said that I’m returning to Japan soon,
he brought us to many places.


When we finished a meal together,
he suddenly said, “Let’s go have dessert!”
and we went around town in his car until it was departure time.

This guy, who we addressed as J,
is a really great guy.

Thanks to meeting this guy, my memories of New Zealand took a 180 degree turn,
and became great memories.

In the beginning I was wondering how this would go,
but as expected, it all depends on the people.
Depending on the kind of people you meet, your trip and even your
life, can change drastically.


All the way until we got to the airport,
he said that he wanted to show us the beautiful scenery.
Because such wonderful things can happen,
life is truly interesting.


It was only for a short while but,
thanks to him, we managed to have the best experience ever.

As I thought, it really depends on the people.
Depending on the person, everything can change.

this is the least that I want everyone to remember.

If you keep waiting for that one meeting,
it will not come to you.

You have to cast your sights to the world outside,
and step foot into the world for the opportunities to be tossed to you.

But, just doing that alone,
in the end, the possibilities of things like that happening can be
close to zero,


While sleeping at home,
nothing gets started, nothing gets changed.
Going outside and getting to talk to someone,
that’s where the possibilities are born.

A person cannot live alone.
They definitely cannot live a life that does not cross another’s.

That’s why,
it’s better if you were the first one to speak out.
Being bothered by
what the other person thinks of you,
there isn’t much time to dwell on that.

To be able to see such beautiful scenery too,
there has to be a point that sparks off the experience.

Stuff like, bringing out your courage…
I’m not talking about those difficult things.

Without overcomplicating things,
and thinking more simply,
to meet people,
to touch people,
to converse,
to get to know each other,
those are in our nature to do.

Of course,
everything has a first move to it.

It’s up to you to create that spark.
It’s not up to others.
Neither is it up to the other party.

It’s you.
That kind of life is more interesting isn’t it?

If you think so,
try calling out to others with a smile.

It’s no problem, especially if it’s you.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is Mr. Traveller.

Life is a journey.
You’ll be alone at the start and the end of the journey.

But in the middle of it, there’ll definitely be someone with you.
It’s your job to find that someone.

You’re not alone.



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.

*This is an extract from the GACKT Blomaga.

(Updates thrice a month)

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