Here’s the new GACKT Official Youtube video’s translation:

(An announcement from Camui Gakuen)

[005] Gokigenyo~!

[008] This is your everlastingly loved, Camui Gakuen’s Student Council President, Camui Gakuto desu <3

[014] Starting off, on this occasion, Camui Gakuen’s original… LINE original stickers have… been released!!

(Released for sale!! Camui Gakuen LINE Original Stickers)

[027] Applause!!

[030] Continuing,

(Camui Gakuen de Greeting Stickers Price: 100 yen or 50 coins)

[033] Use Camui Gakuen’s stickers more and more. Make Camui Gakuen’s… WOW factor… spread across the world… and with that, firmly, with everyone, with EVERYONE, spread the WOW… for me~

[054] Yoroshiika~? (Are you with me?)

[057] In addition… A piece of good news for all the students. On 14th and 15th March…

(14 (Sat), 15 (Sun) March Confirmation of Camui Gakuen de Snow Sports Fest!!)

[104] The Camui Gakuen… 91st Snow Sports Fest will be held!! Applause!

[114] The Camui Gakuen designated… Ski area…

(2015 Camui Gakuen Designated Ski Area Change of location, and in addition scaled-up!!!)

[121] Has been… upgraded!

[124] For all of you at the ski area to have a wonderful, wonderful… Camui Gakuen competition. “That” competition as well!!

[135] Yes!! “That” competition as well…. will be played on that day.

(What kind of competitions will there be!? Stay tuned!!!)

[139] Everyone have you readied your hearts???!

[143] With that… gokigenyo

Video: GACKT Official Youtube

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team