Camui gakuen stickers Today the Birth !

Al last, the day we can present this to you all has finally come!

What day!!
Today is finally the Birth of LINE Stikers where make their appearance
GACKT’s friend,
Camui Gakuen’s Seito Kaicho, Camui Gakuto, who you love hopelessly and endlessly and our F9 members

Do they look alike?!
Do they not?!
This people, who are they?!?!

Pay attention to this things too!!

Anyhow, Congratulation (omedetaki) for your Birth!!

To celebrate this birth,
we received the delighted comment of kaicho himself!
Plesse give it a look^^

Using Camui Gakuen LINE stamp,
let’s spread the Camui Gakuen circle with everyone!
[Camui Gakuen de Greeting Stikers]
The camui gakuen where Seito Kaicho who loves ad respects GACKT and that looks like GACKT, with F9 members who look like GACKT’S FAMILY are enrolled.
The long awaited greeting stamps finally made their appearance!

*Day of selling: 2015/1/30
*Price: 100 yen or 50 coins
*Sales store: click the above button
*Areas where the purchase is possible: all possible selling areas all over the world

[Camui Gaku-en Greeting Sticker]

Source: GACKT Official LINE

Traduzione: GACKT ITALIA Team